10th Planet DWF: Japanese Necktie Part 2

5 Responses to “10th Planet DWF: Japanese Necktie Part 2”

  1. Dave says:

    This is actually the variation I used in my Pankration match. The Japanese Necktie…for studs only.

    Studs with painted toenails.

  2. Kevin Dickson says:


    im having a little trouble with my lockdown, if my opponet has really short legs i find it almost impossible to stretch them out with it, my ankles just kind off slip of their foot…

    also when a lot of sweat is involved my opponets can easily slip out of the lock down, or flip their foot over my ankle and walk their foot up heel to toe for the pass…

    im going ankle to ankle (not triangle-ing my legs), and pinching my knees together, but theres still something i think im missing…

    anything advice? by the way “Fade to Black” is sick!!!

  3. Twist 1 Up says:

    Brandon is so precise with his movements…cant wait to train with him.
    May 30th Brandon Qucik seminar is coming fast…what ever will i wear!!!