Electric Chair Submission in Competition.

“Chris Jones who train at Island MMA and 10th Planet Victoria (Sub 101) gets the tap via the electric chair. He was DQed for this however because the organizers were unsure what it was and said it was a crotch ripper. This was in the 187 advanced too where almost everything was legal-except 10th Planet it seems.”

22 Responses to “Electric Chair Submission in Competition.”

  1. matt grocki says:

    how gay is that?!?! at naga everything is legal in every division and weight class…no gi though.
    pbviously these guys who put this event on have no idea that NO-GI grappling is all about.

    once again, GAY??!

  2. Ian says:


    What mean this ‘gay’?

  3. I believe it was a horrible decision, not gay at all, for no one. Well, the guy who got the W was probably a bit happy though. He should be. Lucky bastard for ignorant ref’s.

  4. Jake says:

    Wait a second – why would a crotch ripper be illegal? Despite the fact that the electric chair and the crotch ripper are different moves in the system, they are very similar in that they tap an opponent through hyperextension of the hips. But in a discipline where almost all lower body attacks are legal (if you’re gonna allow heel hooks, why not everything else), why would a crotch ripper by singled out as illegal?


  5. Erik Wahlberg says:

    I’d worry way more about getting my knee or ankle damaged. The guy tapped and he was fine…I don’t see the problem. Nice move, btw :)

  6. Tony Marrington says:

    I think it was the fact that the ref’s are not educated in the 10th Planet system. I was at the Tigerbalm were this took place and there was nothing in the rules that said anything about no crotch ripper. Alot of the leg sub’s were illegal, except the straight ankle. They may have thought it was some crazy knee bar or something. Then again, they might dislike anything to do with the 10th planet system. But I agree with everyone, wicked submission!!!!

  7. greg from the future says:

    great sub, fuck the dq

  8. Constantine says:

    Here are the official rules. http://www.mantiskungfu.com/Brazilianjuijitsurules.htm

    Even if the ref thought it was a crotch ripper, nothing in the rules would make that illegal. Assuming Chris Jones was 18 years old or over. Unless the ref thought a crotch ripper was some kind of kneebar, which would be really weird.

    I don’t think this as anything to do with a ref not knowing or not liking the 10th Planet system. Hip extension existed before 10th Planet did.

  9. Terrible Ref says:

    You won the match! DQ!

  10. Dave says:

    Did Chris not have a coach present? Do you know what Epstein would have done if this had happened to someone he was coaching?

  11. Jake says:

    The tiger balms were poorly organized to say the least. No rules meeting was ever given, and I had to track down the organizer just to get clarification on several rules. Poorly ran.
    Great move bro! Good job! Fuck the DQ!

  12. Canada says:

    I have terrible refs.


  13. carlos says:

    hey guys, i jsut beat a blackbelt (im a blue belt) in my 140 division with a def con 4 calf crank off the truck. I also got dq’d. should i post it?

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