Advanced Half Guard Passing: Capoeira Sweep (Beta Version)

During the seminar, we showed our version of the capoeira pass and did some trouble shooting on it.

8 Responses to “Advanced Half Guard Passing: Capoeira Sweep (Beta Version)”

  1. good stuff Ari you are lucky to have Eddie so close or near to Vancouver

    fuck all the haters on the internet. you will get a brown soon enough.

  2. Ari Bolden says:

    I am in NO RUSH but thanks for the support. I’ve got a while to go yet. It is just amazing learning under Eddie and the rest of the Generals at 10th Planet. Much love to them all.

    Roll on!

  3. daniel says:

    Generals…I like it.
    How bad ass would it be to have a super seminar with all (or most) of the 10th planet generals teaching there bread and butter of the system. Like a weekend long deal. I attended these type of seminars for baseball and they were crazy informational. I’d go.


  4. Ari Bolden says:

    Well, I hope we can organize a 10th Planet Instructor week later this year in Hollywood. It would be great to get all the Generals and Sgt at Arms together for a pow wow. Can you imagine the collective craziness everyone could add to the system all being under one roof???!!!!

    Alder…let’s organize this!

  5. Chris Herzog says:

    Alder early to mid August is perfect, as I was planning on gracing LA with my presence around then anyway =)

  6. Los Angeles says:

    ^^^No, don’t come back!

  7. Chris Herzog says:

    LA you bastard! Thats not what you where saying when you where trying to trick me with all your trannies!

  8. Los Angeles says:

    L O L