Advanced Half Guard Passing: Capoeira Sweep (version 1)

This the first of 2 parts on the Capoeira Pass. While we have our version on our channel, this is another variation that Eddie does. This is a great video because it also talks about trouble shooting it!

8 responses to “Advanced Half Guard Passing: Capoeira Sweep (version 1)”

  1. Fellow Niburu Warrior says:

    Eddie showed the counter to the capoeira pass which you do the instant they go for it…But what do you do when the start to twister pass? whats the counter for the twister pass? ; )

  2. Fellow Niburu Warrior says:

    You guys think this would work…?

  3. Lazy Jits says:

    I saw that video the other day and thought it would be worth a try. Not sure how it will fare no gi. I have a pretty high percentage sweep when my opponent attempts a twister pass. I get both arms behind his back, my top arm reaches around his torso to his hip and I get up on the elbow of my bottom arm. Then I sweep him using a strong hip heist motion as I elevate from my elbow to my hand. I hope that makes sense. Even the brown belts won’t twister pass because they either get shut down or swept by this move. Most try to Capoeira or no-hand pass out of my lock down these days.

  4. Fellow Niburu Warrior says:

    So…You end up taking his back by scooping your hips or reversing the position with a bridge? You had me up until the hip heist…;) is there a video of this on youtube? thank you man!

  5. Jason Eisner says:

    I like the wrist control variation that Eddie shows in the video. I have never seen that before, but if the control is as strong as the Gangsta Lean wrist control, oh shit…watch out.

    Just a comment on the video link posted above. There is a no gi version of this sweep that looked to have some effectiveness at the Best of The West tournament that took place a few weeks ago in Long Beach, CA.

    Rodrigo Ranieri and Jeff Glover had a nice battle in the advanced division. Rodrigo first attempts the sweep at 1:56, then almost gets it at 2:49…but the sweep creates a scramble and Rodrigo “Iron Mike” Ranieri actually gets Glover’s back. He almost gets it again at 6:17.

    I don’t know how high percentage the sweep is, but it is worth looking into. Anyone who can pull something off on Glover, even come close, it’s worth looking into their game. Glover is freaking amazing.

  6. Fellow Niburu Warrior says:

    thank you so much guys yo check this move that marcelo Garcia does when some one tries to twister pass on him…

  7. Fellow Niburu Warrior says:

    its at 0:21