Alder Hampel – ADCC 2009 West Coast Trials – Mens Advanced Gold Medalist

50 Responses to “Alder Hampel – ADCC 2009 West Coast Trials – Mens Advanced Gold Medalist”

  1. Jesus Christ says:

    That was tiiiiiiight!!! You’re fucking awesome, Alder.

  2. Raul Ponce says:

    10th planet all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tux says:

    You’re… not only handsome, but a powerful man. I could see the second you walked on the mat, you were someone to reckon with…

    Straight Awesome!

  4. Lazy Jits says:

    Alder, so why did the ref stand you guys up while you were trying to secure the knee bar?

  5. very nice, congrats bro :)

  6. Scott Elkin says:

    No leg locks of any kind except for straight ankles were allows for non-Pro. The refs figured that out during Alder’s match – so he was just let off with a warning.

  7. Chris Herzog says:

    Awesome brother, congrats!

  8. Bradley says:

    Nice Job Alder!

  9. Erik Wahlberg says:

    Dude, I’m so impressed and happy for you! Congrats and way to represent!

  10. Debacle says:

    Yep.. thats how you fuckin do it.

  11. Dave says:

    You murked that guy.

  12. JarnieJ says:

    Whats are the differences between the advanced and the pro divisions?

  13. daniel says:

    Does that mean Barcelona is in your future??????

  14. Shanghai says:

    alder, you make me want you

  15. Constantine says:


    No leglocks aside from straight ankle locks were allowed in the ADVANCED division? Wow, that is lame as hell.

  16. tWIST 1 Up says:

    Dude no shit.,..fucknig sick twister!!! YOu wamped that guy…stonnnnerrrrr power!!! Thanks again for posting our georgia seminar on this page, we recieved many sign ups due to it! 10th planet is sky high…and so am I :)

  17. Regiyah says:

    Did I mention Alder for blackbelt?!?

  18. Congrats again bro ! Thanks for posting the vid too !

  19. RW Pegau says:

    Great Job Alder!!! Making it look easy.

  20. DBit says:

    Pretty Good should have Def Con 4 him.

  21. rhyno says:

    hahaha. should have entered the LA fit expo tapout challenge. That dude won his division. PWND all day!!!!!! nice work

  22. Karl says:

    That song is not funny.

    Congratulations on your most glorious win.

  23. Rachel says:

    GO COACH!!! All Day

  24. Juater says:

    yep…thanks for twistering me in class… lol
    10th Planet ALL DAY!!!!

  25. Alder…we gotta change that Hampster name bud.
    howsabout ‘The Hero!”

  26. daniel says:

    I thought your nickname was the “coach”, like the sitcom?

  27. john says:

    how many matches did you have alder?

  28. Brian R says:

    Legit! Congrats man!

  29. Brian says:

    Good job Alder. I had fun competing against you. I mean no disrepect when I say this but it kind of sucked for me because I signed up for intermediate welterweight in this tournament and was moved up to a weight class 30lbs. above my natural weight when nobody signed up for my division. I am a 160lb. blue belt… so you could imagine my reaction when I was put in your division. Congratulations though man, I hope to see you again soon.

  30. Jesus Christ says:


    That was enlightening. Thanks for posting, Brian. And you’re right, your situation was so fucking ridiculously unfortunate. 30lbs weight difference? Blue Belt vs Brown? I am a bit disillusioned….

    Congrats to Alder nonetheless (it couldn’t be helped).

  31. john says:


    so alder only had 1 match against a guy smaller than him and was only a blue belt?

  32. Dave says:

    That’s a bitch move, Brian. Your name is not posted anywhere on the video; it wasn’t going to damage your (sterling) jiu jitsu reputation in any way, and you still felt it necessary to post here and demean Alder’s accomplishment. That you have the balls to then pretend that you are only posting to be magnanimous about the situation is even more obnoxious. At least Epstein tells you to your face that he’s an asshole; you’re an asshole in sheep’s clothing. As much as you look forward to seeing Alder in the future, I look forward to seeing YOU at a tournament in the future. I’m a 160 pound blue belt too, and I’m going to tap you with my vice grip alone.

    What a twat.

  33. Brian says:

    Sorry Dave, like I said in my post I didn’t mean any disrespect. I did not mean to diminish Alder’s accomplishment in any way. I have just been hearing a lot about this video and decided to comment. You’re right that my name is not posted anywhere in the video, but all of my friends and family still recognized me and I just wanted to clear up the situation. I don’t think that my post will demean Alder’s win in any way since it was not his fault that we fell into the same division. It’s just like Jesus Christ mentioned in one of the posts above… It couldn’t be helped. Please accept my sincerest apology to anyone I offended with my post.

  34. john says:

    “That’s a bitch move, Brian. Your name is not posted anywhere on the video; it wasn’t going to damage your (sterling) jiu jitsu reputation in any way, and you still felt it necessary to post here and demean Alder’s accomplishment.”

    how was that a bitch move?

    brian’s intial post was sincere.

    alder wins 1 match in a 2-man bracket against a guy smaller than him and with far less experience – you call that an accomplishment?

    i congratulate alder on his first competition and his first win, but he should demonstrate a little more humility.

  35. alder says:

    “i congratulate alder on his first competition and his first win, but he should demonstrate a little more humility.”

    Where did I not demonstrate humility? I give it up to brian for stepping in there with me. I’m sorry you had to fight in a weight category above your own. I didn’t know these circumstances until today.

  36. If you are moved up a division and 30lbs next time I am sure that you wont make the same decision. you did still compete so mad props to you for getting out there. but, you did step up to the plate, you lost and now you are tossing out this info to accomplish what exactly? it was the 3+ yr experience division and it doesnt go by rank.

  37. Jesus Christ says:

    What the hell? Why is Brian being attacked? Honestly, as far as I can tell by reading, Brian’s initial post had absolutely no disrespectful undertones/subtext. He was merely explaining the situation…and it actually sounded as respectful as possible. Why so upset, Dave? Jeez, what a douche. Do you oppose disclosure of information or something? You must like it when the media censors the news…

  38. truthserum says:

    LOL at brandon “never quit” quick giving his 2 cents in this discussion.

    brandon, you are a fraud brown belt; please stop selling your fake ass and passing yourself off as a 10th planet/bomb squad student.

    but i’m glad you are making lots of money.

  39. Rodney King says:

    Can we all just get along. It’s just grappling.

  40. JarnieJ says:

    Ouch truthserum. What’s with the harsh feelings towards Quick? He’s helped the 10th planet system expand just as much as anyone if not more than anyone. I personally have improved my game because of B quicks posts and yes, my friends and I did purchase his DVD set. Sounds like a bit of jealousy is in the air! Oh yeah, and good job alder, its always fun watching a twister!!!

  41. truthserum
    fraud huh? yeah buddy! nice try. post your real name:) aint no fraud here. i lived on Hancock up by Sunset when I signed up at the Bomb Squad. Got the special discount for pre registering for Legends opening up from Roxy…making any sense to you? If you know what I am talking about then that should end the sarcasm. If you dont…you are the fraud:)

  42. josh says:

    i love you guys all.

  43. rocknrollsuicide says:

    LOL again at fraudon quick. your fake ass might have signed up for classes at bombsquad/legends, but your ass sure as hell never showed up.

    ladies and gentlemen, i present thee, brandon “never was a legit brown belt and i don’t how to jump guard” quick

  44. rocknroll….seriously man. are you stalking me on the net? thats pretty creepy and lame. give it a rest man. you make yourself look like an obsessed weirdo

  45. josh says:

    i think he’s a royler affiliate

  46. Steve says:

    Great win Alder!!! Good luck in the future!

    Does anyone remember the competitor with ONE LEG that lost against Ryan Hall?

    I was very impressed by him and wanted to find out his name

  47. Paul says:

    Good job. How many matches did you have? Was this the adult division? Was your oponent in your weightclass?

    Oh what? Wait…You only had one match against a bluebelt who was 2 weight classes below yours???


  48. Jamaal says:

    1st – Congrats to Alder on the win, which of course he should have won…I am a GB student and it was an agreed upon match and the better albeit more experienced fighter won…happens in class every day. I do feel the Alder was accepting more praise and accolades than the match warranted (1 match with a lower ranked and weighted opponent), but hey it was his first tournament and beyond his control…even though I would have liked to see him jump out and let everyone who was dishing out props know the circumstances…sometimes not disclosing information is just as bad a lying.

    2nd – Brian’s actions were fair in supporting his case in a tactful manner…only a few are pissed, but hey thats what good friends do.

    3rd – Eddie Bravo summed up the Quick fraud situation and it appears to me that Quick is similar to Brian and more a victim of circumstance than malicious intent. Its clear he has the skills, and any true martial artist knows the ranks are held in the heart way before its every on your waist…