10th Planet DFW Kids pt.1

“there was a tourney down south that my kids went to and they asked my kids to wear a gi. they did and this is what happened. i thought it was interesting results, especially that every single kid placed and some even took home gold in a gi division. mind you that we are a no gi only school. anyhow enjoy and a big shout out to my competitors who stay dedicated and travel to these tournies and wreck shop! you will be the next phenoms!!!”

8 responses to “10th Planet DFW Kids pt.1”

  1. carlos says:

    man its annoying how people are yelling out lock down lock down whip up whip up. why do people insist on yelling out things and giving stuff away? anyways, another thing, the guy at 4 30 and in the red rash guard has real dirty feet

  2. Matthew says:

    They all have dirty feet. I think their mats are filthy.

  3. Hefty Sack says:

    A few of those kids have better technique that 60% of the adults I roll with.

  4. daniel says:


  5. Tux says:

    what carlos said

  6. Reg eye the Jedi says:

    Those kids are sick!

  7. that place had some NNNNASTY mats!!!
    Dont yell out moves huh? Okay, sounds good. Im going to put a request in to ADCC and tell them to not allow coaches at the mat corner…they just give everything way and ruin it too. what losers those coaches are

  8. kim says:

    nice moves. I can’t wait until we get a bigger kids program