Brandon Quick’s Brown Belt Controversy

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From: EddieBravo
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I did not give Brandon his brown belt.

I have known Brandon for many years, met him at JJ’s a long time ago while he was a student of black belt David Dunn. He also trained from time to time at 10th planet over the years. Many of my students are also full time students elsewhere, so his sporadic training at my school was quite normal.

When he approached me for affiliation he told me he was a brown belt and since I knew him for many years I never verified his brown belt, I just believed him.

Since the ability to teach my system is more important to me than the color of your belt i just checked him on his 10thplanet knowledge, which was pretty damn good.

I am not looking for champions to run my affiliates, just good teachers that understand my strategies, philosophies and have complete command of the 10th Planet terminology, which Brandon had down solid, and so does Ari, who got his purple from me directly.

Now that Brandon’s brown belt is in question, I called him yesterday and asked him exactly where he got it.

Now i know why he’s hesitant to explain how he got it publicly.

Turns out, according to Brandon, he got his brown belt from a bjj black belt while he was in the army. A guy named Sergeant Jason Keen who years later turned out to be a fake black belt.

Srgt Keen claimed he got his black belt from a Gracie military system called G.R.A.P.P.L.E. or something like that, but it turned out he lied, so basically Brandon’s brown belt is not legit.

Now the question is, what am I gonna do about this situation?

There are a few routes I can take, but I will discuss this with my top disciples before I make my final decision.

I take full responsibility for not verifying the legitimacy of his brown belt before official affiliation was complete, I will do my best to make sure this does not happen again :)

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  1. Debacle says:

    Brandon, thanks for showin up. Genuinely.

    Alder, Im curious on your point of view.

    I visit this site every time i can touch a computor and posting on it is my guilty pleasure(I dont write on any other forumn). So I cant stop myself from keeping up with B-Quickgate 09. I know it will all resolve itself eventually, but whenever your ready, we’re ready.

    Was it personal or business? Probably a combination.

    You all at 10th Planet have done so much for me I cant help but care about the system and its instructors(either cheese or manlove, you pick). Wish them nothing but the best.

    And seriously, Brandon is still going to teach the same jj, but just not call it 10th P, when it clearly is. So its a legal formality. And quite possibly the beginning of a serious rivalry from an apprentice vs master point of view. Not instigatin, but there is clearly resentment on both sides.

    This has been a very interesting debacle that might up the anti. Competition breeds evolution, and now there is a canyon in 10th Planet with people on oneside or the other. Then there’s people like me down at the bottom who just wanna learn jj and have a good time doin it.

    Any press is good press. Especially when theres money involved.

  2. Instigator says:

    Hi Ian (the real one…blah blah),

    I watched your videos from the link you provided. And I must say, you’re not that good. I’m a keyboard warrior, so I KNOW you would absolutely murder me on the mats. Nevertheless, you’re not that good…..and you’re certainly not good enough to be openly challenging people like Brandon Quick. So where do you get off doing so? I’m the best keyboard warrior in the world and even I wouldn’t challenge Quick.

  3. Ian says:

    B-Quickgate.. lol! (couldn’t resist..) :(

  4. ian (the real one - from 10th planet) says:

    attn “observer”, ian (the other one), dave (yes, even you dave), etc.:

    “you are all sitting from the outside looking in, and if you knew about other underlying issues regarding this whole matter, then you would all change your tune.”

  5. Jake says:

    wait – does this mean that my 10thplanetDFW T-shirt is now a collector’s item?

  6. chitlins says:

    ian (the real one…),
    if there are underlying issues ( that if we all knew we would think differently) why not just come out and say them? it’s not like some ones name is not ruined. unless it makes eddie look bad. why not clear it up for us so we can agree with your views about brandon?

  7. chitlins says:

    please… change our tune.

  8. Joe says:

    Ian why do you go on to every MMA forum and keep posting more and more shit about Brandon. I’ve counted four sites you’ve posted on just today, You even post the same thing in forum after forum word for word. You seem to just get off stirring up more trouble for him. If you really were a stand up guy you would let this go and stop causing more problems you big pile of douche.

  9. Ian says:

    I think anyone of us, including B. Quick and Ian (the real..) would be extremely overwhelmed by the negative spotlight. I would hate to be in either position.

    But, I think the anxiety, not knowing if the future is good or bad, is what causes them to be extensively preoccupied by on the situation.

    No need to call him names. I expect frenzied behavior from both, because it’s a damn tough situation, and we should @ least give them that.

  10. Montana Shawn says:

    I call for a change in JJ policy. Fuck the belt system. Today Americans are evolving enough that we can adopt our own styles of no gi grappling. We don’t need some stupid fucking belt system getting in our ways. You can either put your time in and get good at this shit and get recognition for winning tourneys and fights, cause you can’t lie about whether you won or lost Nationals or your last pro MMA fight, etc. Too easy to find the truth. I threw away my gi 5 years ago. I am now throwing away my belt. I respect anyone who can fight, I can respect anyone who can teach, I have no fucking respect for people who find it necessary to compare their dick size, I mean belt colors with each other. Prove yourself on the matt or in the ring, that should be our American JJ way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Cliff says:

    Awesome post, except that mat is spelled with one “t”.

  12. Kimbo Gracie says:

    so quick is looking to hook up with Drysdale now…….

  13. Dave says:

    Montana Shawn, what color belt are you throwing away? If it’s better than blue, can I have it?

  14. Dong_Keyhoetittie says:

    I think Sgt.Keen is BQuick. It’s like fight club. He just doesn’t realize it yet. He is the same person. The first rule of 10th PJJ , you don’t talk about 10th PJJ.

  15. chitlins says:

    dude, that’s funny as shit!

    “I think Sgt.Keen is BQuick. It’s like fight club. He just doesn’t realize it yet. He is the same person. The first rule of 10th PJJ , you don’t talk about 10th PJJ.”

    ha ha ha!

  16. Debacle says:

    Dammit Montana! We are eye to eye on that. A different perspective is needed and i wonder whats gonna happen when the best people dont’t possess or give a flyin fuck about a belt. Speed, strength, flexability, heart, and conservation of energy towards the right direction or “technique” is what they got and your gonna have to deal with it. Learn and win, or to win, otherwise your just exercising.

    Which isn’t a bad thing, unless your a blackbelt at it tappin to an “illegitemate” expert. But he was probably just lucky.

  17. PG-13 says:

    This was unfortunate. But really, not a big deal. We should all consider this a small hiccup in 10th Planet’s progression and the subject will “Fade to Black” soon. Either way we should all continue supporting BQ wherever he goes.


    10th Planet Montreal White Belt.

  18. Non 10th Planet student says:

    This was posted on the underground about Ian/ Forumnewb

    Forumnewb. Started out all innocently mentioning Brandon doesn’t have a brown belt. Oops, I didn’t mean to cause a shit storm. But, if you notice the last few pages in the brown belt thread, he’s throwing fuel on the fire, by quoting things on other forums. Add in the fact that his name shows up in the duplicate IP list on that thread with:

    * 10thplanetaffiliate
    * dojo stormer
    * forumnewb
    * graciejj4eva
    * mikedub07
    * TurnbuckleWally
    * walbjj

    Makes me wonder if there’s an agenda here. I don’t know which name is duplicates with forumnewb, but there’s at least one. My guess is 10thplanetaffiliate, in which case that sounds extremely fishy.

  19. The Truth is out there says:

    You know Eddie is known for playing major pranks on everyone, there is still a YouTube video up about him staging a fake fight at his gym where he puts a karate guy to sleep. He is also really in to conspiracy theories. Wouldn’t it be funny if he was just doing this a huge prank to lead into the launch of his Website? It would be the best lead in ever. He has every single message board talking about nothing but Quickgate 09. Could it be we have all been punked?

  20. to prank or not to prank says:

    i actually thought of the prank angle as well. my thoughts

    i hope it is a prank
    so there isnt really bad blood in the 10th planet family and bquick is all cool.

    i hope it is not a prank
    cos if it were a prank it still did stur up some real shit and negative feelings amongst other posters not in the prank (unless EVERYONE saying shit is in the prank. unlikely). Hence the prank had real nasty spill over effects and not worth the “YOU GUYS GOT PUNKED”.

    So either way it is bad. Either the 10th planet guys made a huge mistake with such a prank or there is real shit in the 10th planet family right now.

    my 2 cents.

  21. ian (the real one from 10th planet hollywood & burbank) says:

    Dear “Non 10th Planet student”:

    hi grilla!!!!

    nice try.

    too bad the people (who really matter in this situation) already know that i am forumnewb and 10thplanetaffiliate.

    again, nice try.

  22. Erik Wahlberg says:

    Regarding belts, I know it is a touchy subject for some so I’ll try to be respectful. In a well-organized, structured system with qualified instructors the belt system is a great way to advance and become proficient in the skills deemed important for that style (wow, that was a long sentence). It is also a great motivation tool for many. A properly qualified black belt (or brown in most cases) can be a great instructor and generate excellent high-ranking belts themselves.


    not every high-ranking belt is a good instructor, and some lower-ranking belts (B Quick, as an example) can be excellent teachers. Also, not every high ranking belt succeeds in competition. I have seen (as I am sure you all have seen) lower ranking belts destroy their higher-ranked counterparts in everything from grappling tourneys to Kata competition. You are as good as you are; If you strive to get better you ARE advancing whether or not you have a belt. I earned a black belt in Tang Soo Do in 1987 (Chuck Norris’s style, so don’t fuck with me! Heh.) and went on to train in a bunch of other styles and have (non-black) belts in Kenpo, Shotokan, and Tae Kwon Do. But you know, it doesn’t really matter as long as I am learning, getting better, and teaching what I know to those who want to learn. It’s a great journey; it’s fulfilling and often exciting. My experiences, personal improvement, and the outstanding people I have met far outweigh my need or want to get any more belts.

    I think Ari is the one who has a great signature on his posts on another site that says something like…”The martial arts have many paths but one family.” I believe that!

  23. Grilla says:

    Hi, Grilla here.

    Ian..I didn’t post that here.

    Maybe if you go back to
    you’ll see you have a whole new fan club.

  24. ian (the real one from 10th planet hollywood & burbank) says:


    can you give me the link?

  25. Mike (the real one) says:

    Its nice to see Grilla posting on here, you sir are always welcome here.

  26. ian (the real one from 10th planet hollywood & burbank) says:

    “Ian why do you go on to every MMA forum and keep posting more and more shit about Brandon. I’ve counted four sites you’ve posted on just today, You even post the same thing in forum after forum word for word. You seem to just get off stirring up more trouble for him. If you really were a stand up guy you would let this go and stop causing more problems you big pile of douche.” – Joe

    attn joe:

    what “same thing” are you referring to that keep i keep posting in “forum after forum”?

    oh, you mean these?


    “Time for some truths…

    First of all, I respect those of you who wish to remain anonymous, but I am more than happy to reveal my identity and get my truth out there. I stand behind every thing I have stated as fact. As far as Felipes tournament, I did tell him that we were told not to go and his students know the truth even if Brandon never owns it.

    When word of these issues hit the gym last week, I inquired about it and was told it was a misunderstanding and that Brandon was trying to rectify it by making plans to go to CA for Eddie to legitimize his rank. I left it alone and waited for things to play out. A few days later I got a phone call with startling information that Eddie and Brandon had split (as well as other details that I will refrain from sharing). Rather than trusting the source immediately, I read all the posts here and called Brandon for clarification. After hearing his version I then spoke with Eddie Bravo for his. They were of course quite differing but I was still willing to listen to what Brandon had to say at the meeting on Monday. However, shortly after my conversation with Eddie, Brandon called me and asked me, “What are you doin callin Eddie?”

    The question I have is, why wouldn’t I or any of his paying customers have the right to check on his credentials? and why is he so defensive about me doing that??? We should have checked into his claims before I guess. At any rate, it was at that time that as a family we made the decision to cut ties with Brandon. Not the other way around. Had he taken a different approach to this situation things could’ve been different.

    I acknowledge that we all make mistakes…SO OWN THEM with dignity and character instead of making excuses and finding other people as your scapegoat! People respect that. I also acknowledge that my boys’ skill level improved while training with Brandon and his extremely wonderful students. I will always give him that.

    Now to clarify why we have trained at several gyms…we started w/Orlando Waugh (Machado Blackbelt), an exceptional coach and person but he did not care to compete his kids–and all of you know how we are w/competing! Then to Carlos Machados w/Kathy Brothers (blackbelt) whom we followed to Guy Mezgers gym. We were there for about 6 months but prooved to be more than we could handle financially. It was at a tournament in Dripping Springs TX that Kirk Dudley (Drakes dad) invited us to Allen Mohlers in Coppell where we were for appromiately 2 years. We stopped training there the summer the gas prices became unbearable. I welcome you to check w/these coaches to see what our relationship was at the time, and still is today. We were not troublemakers or people who caused dissention in the gym in any way and are frequently invited to bring our boys in anytime. I am quite hurt that we have been accused of that at 10th planet.

    We are moving on but will miss the families that we had the privelege of knowing there. We wish you well.

    We look forward to the truth coming out eventually but not holding our breath.”

    “Gigantor, to answer your question…no, we did not leave the gym just because Eddie and Brandon had varying stories. We left because of the disrespectful, defensive manner in which Brandon spoke to me. Not just that but he has yet to prove any credentials. Like where did he teach kids previously as he told me? Based on ALL the information that has come to light, we do not feel confident that Brandon is being truthful about things. That is our opinion and we are not “giving in to gossip”. Mark has been involved in a variety of martial arts for over 25 years and we have obviously been around the DFW area Jiu Jitsu for over 4 years so we know plenty about belts and ranks. Our hope for our boys is to have instruction w/integrity, character and truth.” – layneandgrahamsmom

  27. ian (the real one from 10th planet hollywood & burbank) says:


    “I have sat back for several months and not said one word. I have had plenty to say and I have refrained but I now feel that it is necessary speak out. I am a parent of an 11 year old that was a student under Brandon Quick, 10th Planet, an Eddie Bravo supposed brown belt.

    My child had his arm broke during practice by another work out partner that was running an arm crush. I understand in other gyms that this is not a move that is typically taught to children due to the advance knowledge needed to run the move correctly. I also understand that in most tournaments that it is not legal for this age group. Brandon was not there at the time, but he taught the move and it was allowed in his gym. Anyway, my childs arm was broken to the point of requiring surgery that has left him with a permanent scar as well as a steel plate in his arm for the rest of life. I trusted Brandon’s knowledge and experience that he claimed he had to conduct his gym in a manner that was safe. I am not a parent that jumps up and yells when my child gets hurt. Hunter is a wrestler and competes at the intermediate level and always has in the one year that he did Jiu Jitsu. He is a tough, smart, thick skinned fighter. He uses his skill and his intelligence to see what is needed in any situation and handles himself to that degree.

    Unfortunately, Brandon’s first words to Hunter after the surgery were “you should have tapped sooner”. Hunter replied, “I did not have a chance to tap, the move was conducted too fast and I was in the process of tapping when the break occurred”. Brandon told him, “well you don’t tap very often”. He was correct, Hunter is tough and does not tap very often, but he is also clear and honest. Hunter stated that he did not have chance to tap against the 13 year old running the move. Hunter felt that Brandon was putting the blame on him for his broken arm. Brandon had no compassion for the situation.

    When all of this happened I did not think much of it, my concern was for Hunter. My husband and I knew that we take are chances at things like this and I am not a parent to think that accidents are not going to occur. The more I learned of the situation, I started to think, why? Why was he teaching a move to kids that was not taught until brown belt, a move that is not allowed in most tournament situations? Looking back, it makes sense. He is NOT a brown belt that even has the knowledge to know what should or should not be done and at what stage it should occur. What experience does he have teaching children? When he saw Hunter for the first time after his broke arm, he only had one thing to say to him and nothing to say to us as his parents, “guess you should have tapped sooner”. I guess Brandon should have tapped sooner with the knowledge that he had not really received an Eddie Bravo brown belt as he advertised on any site that you go back and look at.

    It is hard to have compassion for someone that had no compassion for my child that had his arm broke in a move that should not have even been taught in the first place. So much makes sense now; he does not have the experience to teach children. He defended this move to the entire school and stated, “see what happens when you don’t tap”. WOW, CARMA really does suck?

    I am amazed that people can defend this guy that has lied about his lineage. He not only has lied, but had the balls to call people out on their on lineage. Does he really think that as parents we do not have the right to question his experience and capabilities when he spends this much time with our kids and we pay him for it. My child has not been back to his gym since the broken arm, he only recently has been able to go back to practice after his surgery. We have had to sit down with him and explain that the blue belt that Brandon gave him is total crap. When he goes to another gym he will go in as a beginner. He will need to test for anything up and above that. If Hunter goes in as a blue belt, it would make him no better than Brandon. Once you start a lie, it is a hard process to stop. This is a hard lesson for a child at such a young age to learn. I hope that Brandon learns from this. He now has a child and I hope that he teaches that child character and ethics that he obviously has not shown to this point in his own life.

    I am not a vindictive person and I hesitate to post his message, but after seeing the affect that this had on my own child and reading all of your messages I thought it was necessary for all of you to hear that Brandon did not handle the situation with his student correctly. His lack of experience explains why he would handle things the way he did.

    Brandon, I guess you should have tapped sooner and come out with the real truth.

    I been punk’d,

    Tamy Riley

  28. ian (the real one from 10th planet hollywood & burbank) says:


    “Well…. I thought I was done but I’ve got WAY more to say.

    First of all, thank you to all the REAL 10th Planet guys who have reached out to us the way that you have. My boys have worked hard for their blue belts and are devastated that they mean nothing now. But as I told BQ, they were champions before they trained w/him and they will continue down that path. Incidentally, he felt compelled to send me a nasty, tasteless, mean spirited “private message” so all of you wouldn’t see his true colors and trust me…it ain’t pretty.

    It’s interesting to me that he is now going to some mysterious BJJ affiliate out of state to “legitimize” himself since he has always trashed BJJ w/all his talk about no gi and made reference in his message to me about us “returning to mediocrity”. Funny isn’t it? BJJ is all he has left and he’s too chicken to find legitimacy locally. He’s not from TX but he’s getting a taste of how we don’t put up w/deceit and taking our money.

    With regard to Hunter getting his arm broken…at the time it happened, my husband I were absolutely incensed that it even happened first of all, then even more upset by the way he handled the family. Because of our background in this sport, we made issue of the move being too advanced, voiced our concern regarding the safety of our children. Brandon was offended that we would even question this and called me a “drama creator”. Mark wanted to pull our boys out then but Brandon assured me at a private meeting (that I requested w/him) that they wouldn’t be using that technique anymore. He went on to insist that this was not the first time to teach kids and that he knew what he was doing but has yet to tell me where it was that he taught kids….man up Brandon! He was smooth and made me believe him so we reluctantly stayed.” – layneandgrahamsmom

    “if he was hatefull and mean spirited you could always post his pm on here by cut and paste.” – stumpan8

    “You are absolutely right, I know, but he’s done a pretty good job of burying himself don’t ya think?!!! He knows what he said. It was pretty stupid to send me a message like that…the worst part of it was he closed it with, “I am trying to follow Christ”…he must know a different God than I know.” – layneandgrahamsmom

  29. ian (the real one from 10th planet hollywood & burbank) says:


    “To keep us up to date. I know that Quick has had an emergency meeting with 100 of their students/parents at their gym. Brandon has admitted to them about lying about his rank and has now aligned himself with another well known BJJ practitioner from out of state to legitimize himself in the eyes of the community.

    Now, we know that several of his top students have left the gym and are looking elsewhere for BJJ instruction.” – PanAmSilver

  30. chitlins says:

    ian (the real one…)
    thank you for clearing this up. this is what we needed. this bears more weight than he said she said crap. knowing this is the last part of the puzzle i needed. i’m sorry for how your son was treated too.

  31. ian (the real one from 10th planet) says:

    ^my son?

    i have nothing to do with any of those ^ incidents.

    i’m just forwarding the info.

  32. chitlins says:


  33. Dietrich says:

    Sorry to hear about the boy.

  34. chitlins says:

    eddie needs to get his new site up. does anyone know how close he is to being done? i cant bear the anticipation any more!

  35. Hi says:

    If he didnt smoke so much he might actualy have gotten it up on time

  36. Eli says:

    When will we see an 10th Planet jiu jitsu black belt besides Eddie? Surely there is someone at a black belt level in the 10th planet system.

  37. Erik Wahlberg says:

    Food for thought…

    Javier Mendez (ex Criuser weight kickboxing champion and owner of the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose) accidently broke my best friend’s arm while sparring (my friend was a student of his and I was there to see it). I broke my little toe on a guy’s shin (it was nasty) also while sparring under the direction of a qualified 3rd degree black belt. I’ve broken my ankle, been kicked in the nuts – hard (even with a cup on I almost needed surgery) sprained my neck, and jammed my fingers a million times. I have seen countless injuries over the last 25 years…some with qualified instructors present and others when they weren’t present. The main observation I took from all this was…stuff happens.

    That being said, extra-special care needs to be taken when teaching kids. They don’t have as much common sense or general knowledge as adults. This should be a head’s up to anyone teaching kids martial arts; You don’t want to hurt them and/ or scare them away from something that could enrich their lives. Also, parents need to take responsibility…if this lady wanted to take her son out of training she should have. Also, if Brandon told her they would no longer do the arm crush and they DID, and her son got hurt, she should sue him.

    I apologize if I am “butting in” to the conversation but the issues are really interesting to me and I wanted to comment. I have been around awhile and I think some of my experiences (martial arts and life) relate to this story. Thanks.

  38. ian (the real one from 10th planet hollywood & burbank) says:

    “I’ve been following this dude for awhile now and would like to get something straight. He started this thread but is strangely quiet now. Why doesn’t he defend himself??? I guess he can’t.

    For his students…..have you ever heard of David Koresh?? Actually they probably won’t read this because he has instructed them not to follow any of this, in fact, not to look at the internet at all. Hows the kool-aid over there anyway??? Hopefully they are intelligent enough to seek out the truth themselves, but he obviously doesn’t want them to have access to all of the information so that they can make an educated decision on their own, but hopes to manipulate their minds and keep them under his “spell”.

    He actually compared himself to Jesus being crucified…I don’t remember Jesus lying to his followers–do you???”

    - oldschoolmma

  39. Some Guy's friend says:

    What the hell kind of douchebag teacher would say, “You should have tapped sooner” to one of his younger students who just had his arm broken? WTF? Thanks to Ian (real one) for enlightening us.

    I love Eddie. Trust me, I do. But his stoner ass fucked up. How do you not check a guy’s background before you allow him to represent your brand? I hope none of the other instructors would ever say such things to their students. Moving forward, Eddie should not only check an instructor’s rank (fucking obviously), he should also check how the instructor carry his/herself. For example, is he/she an ignorant douchebag? I know that at least one instructor openly admits that he is a douche. Eddie, ask yourself: should I allow this person to represent my brand in this manner? Will said douche tarnish my brand equity?

    Which brings up another point. Over the past year or two, many 10thPJJ satellite schools have spontaneously popped up overnight it seems. You gotta ask: can a system possibly produce so many quality instructors in such a short amount of time? Unlikely. I NEVER doubted the quality of Riverside (Bollinger) and San Francisco (Prokopos). But the others…hmmmmmm…not buying it. If 15 different schools…within 2 years? Not even the great Eddie Bravo can produce that many HIGH-quality instructors in that amount of time. This says a lot about the standards of 10th Planet. I mean, one of the top instructors was a fraud for Christ’s sake! It’s like Some Guy previously posted:

    “Hey, I’m a Black Belt under YouTube videos. Please let me open a 10th Planet affiliate school and teach. I hear the background check is very lenient.”

    Funny, but true.

  40. a.k.a. says:

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  41. Michael Jack Son says:

    ^^Can he still teaching techniques from 10thpjj and charge? I´ll do too, i´m brown belt 10thpjj under youtube (not directly from eddie, but he neither).

    I will makes lots of money =D

  42. Erik Wahlberg says:

    Hi Michael Jack Son,

    I don’t think Brandon Quick is going to go away, nor should he. I can see how it makes sense for a lot of people that he is no longer a 10PJJ representative but he has proven more often than not to be a good instructor (his students have won medals), I personally have benefited from the instruction on his DVDs, and he has a strong grasp of the system. There is that other guy who teaches 10th Planet stuff but doesn’t call it that so I suppose it is legal.

    B Quick is gone and maybe it’s time to move on? Aside from that kid’s broken arm and the embarrassment to Eddie, Brandon elevated 10th Planet through his seminars, youtube videos, and his DVD. I hope someone out there (qualified, of course) steps up to fill the vacuum.

    FYI that last note is not to discredit the stars that are already out there promoting 10th Planet. I’m just saying we need another 10th Planet stud to step up and fill the gap left by Brandon. I love the 10th Planet DVDs and youtube videos and want more!

  43. Brown Belt under Joe Rogan says:

    I was a supporter of B Quick till now, what a douche bag, lied to get his name out as a 10th planet Brown Belt – “Come pay me to teach you eddie’s system, pay for my website, buy my T shirts” – WTF!!!!!!! For anyone to stoop as low as this Brandon Quick is pretty subhuman. You make me sick, throw your precious “belt” away! (Then maybe will will pay you your fucking 143.90 online fee if you post that. If you really love the system that much then why did you lie. Why are you trying to make so much money out of an affiliation that you lied to get? Why are you trying to make money on what real 10th pjj belts show for free (this website, submissions 101, and others). Even eddie is all over the net for free but you think it is OK to lie your ass off to get some poor unsuspecting key jits warriors to sign on to your website. NOT COOL!!!! This Shit better be a prank cause it makes me sick

  44. Eli says:

    I have to ask again. When will we see another 10th Planet Black Belt besides Eddie? If Eddie has someone that can compete and teach at a black belt level it would help to set the standards of his system. You have Eddie at a black belt level where are his other guys. Einstein, 300, Bollinger, Joe Rogan; are any of these guys at a black belt level?

  45. Hi says:

    My vote is for Denny (300) or Bollinger. Though i would like to know why denny didnt compete at teh ADCC trials, he had one of the best chances of going to spain.

  46. Eli says:

    Denny “300″ seems to be the most likely candidate. I think Epstein is another good choice. He actually uses the 10thplanet system in MMA. Alder Hampel seems to roll and teach pretty well he could be a good choice too.

  47. Tux says:

    I think that Eddie should have a tournament style belt promotion.

    Take all the 10th Planet Brown Belts and make them fight it out, winner gets the first Black Belt.

    My money for the finals would be Brent (CUO) and Joe Rogan.

    If Brent takes it, I’m buying dinner at a high volume McDonalds!

  48. Tux says:


    Sell the video!

  49. Ian says:

    @ Tux’s idea.


    @ The McDonald’s idea..