10th Planet Riverside f/ George Sotiropoulos

Kristian from 10th Planet Riverside goes head to head with George Sotiropoulos

7 responses to “10th Planet Riverside f/ George Sotiropoulos”

  1. Burbankian says:

    Come to Burbank and it will be a different story. People will get smashed.

  2. Jason E. says:

    George is an amazing BJJ practitioner and a really nice guy. It will be awesome to see what he can do once he masters some of the system.

    If you haven’t seen the George Sotiropoulos vs Roman Mitichyan fight at UFC Fight Night 13, Google it. George put on a freaking BJJ clinic.

  3. Tux says:

    Eddie is such a great, encouraging coach.

  4. Ian says:

    George Sotiropoulos vs Roman Mitichyan

    Googled… nothing..

  5. Ian says:

    Scratch that.. found it!

  6. Another Guy says: