Electric Chair Win: Jorge Patino vs. Joseph Aviles at Grapplers Quest All Star Grappling Challenge 2009

“2009 Grapplers Quest All-Star Pro Challenge battle between Jorge “Macaco” Patino and Joseph Aviles representing Jungle Gym on June 27th, 2009. GRAPPLERS QUEST, The World’s Largest and Most Prestigious Submission Grappling Tournament hosts the official U.S. Nationals of Sport Grappling in Morristown, NJ on Saturday, June 27th, 2009. Grapplers Quest wants the sport of Submission Grappling to grow worldwide and with sharing this footage for free, we hope it will bring more people into the sport for many years to come. We will bring you the BEST matches from all our events on our website at: www.GrapplersQuest.com”

16 responses to “Electric Chair Win: Jorge Patino vs. Joseph Aviles at Grapplers Quest All Star Grappling Challenge 2009”

  1. Erik Wahlberg says:

    Electric Chair FTW!

    Nice 🙂

  2. Ian says:

    Ummm.. What is FTW, and IIRC?

  3. Nancy Pelosi says:

    Aviles should remember to sprawl the leg next time instead of letting patino sit there with an underhook for 1 minute

  4. Erik says:

    He should’ve hit him with his groin.

    (anyone get that reference?)

  5. Ian says:

    You mean adductor…

  6. Erik Wahlberg says:

    FTW = For The Win, Ian my man. 🙂

  7. Tux says:

    IIRC- If I Remember Correctly

  8. Ian says:


  9. Debacle says:

    Sprawling the leg could’ve put him in full guard, bet he was waitn for it.

  10. Lug's Spear says:

    I believe Erik is referring to greg jackson in GSP’s corner in the latest match against Penn. Sound advice (hitting someone with your groin).

  11. Jason (The Real Jason) says:

    I want to see the Pablo Popovitch rock RG.

  12. Some Guy says:

    I want to hit some chick at work with my groin.

  13. Some Guy says:

    BTW, it wasn’t the match against Penn. Obviously, GSP was perfectly fine during that fight. It was the fight with Thiago Alves where he fucked up his groin and Jackson told GSP to hit him with it.

  14. thats macaco i train at his school in newark he plays all types of half guard hes nasty with it. he does lock down to old school to plan b all day, hes a monster and hes fighting jucao sept 5th under shine fight promotions check it old Gold Team Fighters!

  15. greg from the future says:

    he actually calls it the HOOBER GWAAAARD