RGPD: 10th Planet Stomp Series Triple Threat Combat Sports

Kevin Green (owner of Triple Threat Combat Sports in Bear Delaware – www.ttcombatsports.com) teaches The Stomp, New Stomp and Super Stomp from the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsus system developed by Eddie Bravo.

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5 responses to “RGPD: 10th Planet Stomp Series Triple Threat Combat Sports”

  1. MT Shawn says:

    When I get my first hook in I just push him back and sit up till my second hook is in. I don’t really get that rocking back motion till you get the hook, then sitting up. Does that mean I am doing it wrong? Or is his way unusual?

  2. kmg says:

    I wouldn’t say you are doing it wrong. Its just how you’ve made it work for you right now. Sometimes just sitting up isn’t possible when your opp defends, so elevating and pushing helps counter that to allow for the second hook. Just note that these vids are for my cert and eddie approves all of them..I have to keep them under 5 min and I only show the major muscle movements…all the details and counter, re-counters, trouble shooting are done in class.

  3. MT Shawn says:

    k thanks kmg

  4. kmg says:

    Hey, on the 25Th we got our cert..10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Bear Delaware. Is official..look for some X guard vids soon.