10th planet jiu jitsu on grappling dummy

9 Responses to “10th planet jiu jitsu on grappling dummy”

  1. Regiyah says:

    As Ive always thought…10thPJJ fuckin dummies up! lol

  2. Lazy Jits says:

    10th Planet foreplay…

  3. Really says:

    online ranking.

  4. MT Shawn says:

    I just practice on my blow up doll I keep under my bed

  5. matt says:

    MT you make it sound like your doll has another purpose other than jew jizu


    not one for jits dolls//dummys but if you lack suffiecient partners it would deffinatley be a tool to have to get reps in at least

  6. Edwin says:

    That was awesome. Had me laughing so hard, I thought I would die. Perfect technique. But dummy don’t grapple back.

  7. MT Shawn says:

    Jew Jizu… LOL!

  8. epstein says:

    get a friend.

  9. christian gapinski says:

    wow that was ridiculous, and i only could take the first 15 seconds