10th Planet Melbourne’s Jeremy Dooley Hits A Gogoplata!

17 Responses to “10th Planet Melbourne’s Jeremy Dooley Hits A Gogoplata!”

  1. caveman says:


    Congratulations, great job! That video makes me wish I could roll right now.


  2. Matthew says:

    Just imagine how much faster his transitions would be if he wasnt weighed down with all that hair.

  3. Regiyah says:

    So fucking sick! He did everything upside down…teepee and the gogo.

  4. darkugly says:

    great job jeremy! i wish the camera would have pan a bit more to the right cause i was right there by the audience!

  5. Dave says:

    Aussie, that was fucking ridiculous. I’d say your three months in LA served you well! Safe travels back, holmes…

  6. Offended Guy says:

    Great job, man! Loved it…all text book 10th planet stuff and my fav move at the end! I don’t feel so bad getting tapped by you when I came down to visit a couple months back. :)

  7. Offended Guy says:

    ^^^ Fuk you. Stop impersonating me. Homo.

  8. Homo says:

    ^^^ Fuk you. Don’t call him my name!!

  9. Homo says:

    ^^^Fuk you. Stop impersonating me.

  10. Aussie says:

    aussie has awesome hair.

  11. Michael Richards says:

    Homos and Japanese Superheroes are funny.

  12. Homo says:

    Your small cock is funny.

  13. Homo says:

    ^^^I said, fuk you. Stop impersonating me!!

  14. Homo says:

    ^^Fuk you. Stop impersonating Offended Guy. Homo.

  15. Ian says:

    I am so confused. Why call him Homo if you’re Homo??