Eddie Bravo vs. Compella at 10th Planet Burbank Rd 2

10th Planet Burbank

9 responses to “Eddie Bravo vs. Compella at 10th Planet Burbank Rd 2”

  1. christian gapinski says:

    awsome scramble just makes me want to train w/ 10th planet more and more

  2. Lazy Jits says:

    Nice to see Eddie working the deep half guard. I’ve been a lock-down fan for about 3 1/2 years but I’ve been working that paragon guard for the last several months and it is taking my half-guard game to new levels. Good stuff.

  3. Regiyah says:

    Hey Lazy…dont quite know what you mean by deep half guard…you dont mean the quarter guard right? school me. thanks!

  4. Jeff Glover says:

    Fuk you, Regiyah!!! And fuk your ignorance!!!

  5. Hey guys, does anyone know when 10thplanetjj.com will finally be up?

  6. Regiyah says:

    LOL. Thanks Jeff!

  7. Regiyah says:

    Oh and BTW…Fuk your DVD!

  8. Jeff Glover says:

    Fuk your ignorance. I bet you had to Google search the name ‘Jeff Glover’ didn’t you? That’s how you found out about the DVD. Homo.

  9. Eugene Lee says:

    Awesome video. Eddie taught this exact sequence at the seminar in CT, yesterday.