Kim Ferguson vs. Debi Purcell – US Open – Women’s Advanced

Kim- Purple belt from 10th Planet Burbank competing in the US Open on 8/29/2009 in Los Angeles.

18 responses to “Kim Ferguson vs. Debi Purcell – US Open – Women’s Advanced”

  1. JayC says:

    Definitely deserves that purple belt!

  2. Speedy says:

    Probably deserves to have her last name spelled correctly too 🙂

  3. That was pretty cool

  4. Regiyah says:

    “Probably deserves to have her last name spelled correctly too”


  5. matt says:

    what was the deal with the “controvertial desicion” im not to up on BJJ scoring but to me it looked like kim got side control in OT for the win? AMIRIGHT?

  6. JayC says:

    That was Scott being Scott

  7. Rachel says:


  8. MT Shawn says:

    I was a little turned on.

  9. The Real MT Shawn says:

    Maybe a little wet blanket… tool

  10. Regiyah says:

    Hey Kim…After the initial shock…when did you realize “Wait. I can take her!”

    Awesome job again BTW.

  11. Lazy Jits says:

    That was awesome! Especially having one of the “Dirty Dozen” Chris Haueter ref your match!

  12. Jason E. says:

    Great job Kim!

  13. Kim says:

    Thanks everyone! Debi was great and we all had a great experience. Scott was an awesome coach too. I probably would have got impatient and done something stupid if not for his coaching. Maybe someday he’ll even be encouraging, respectful and a good sport – who knows:) ….it could happen…

  14. Erik says:

    On the scoring and controversy (referencing

    I say it’s possible to award Debi 2 for the sweep she accomplished at 5:54, but she only partially held control by 5:57 – a sweep has to achieve a “top position” for 3 full seconds. So the ref does not award her points because Kim turtles at the last moment. While the rule sheet is unclear about this, I don’t believe that sprawl control is recognized as a “top position,” so the sweep wasn’t held for 3 seconds.

    6min matches for Advanced Female divisions, and the match started at 1:00, so match would be over at 7:00. So the controversy is did the ref award Kim the points in time?

    Kim begins either “passing the guard” or performs a “takedown into side control” at 6:51 which are both 3 point maneuvers. She establishes side control (which is defined by both shoulders touching the mat and having her legs clear of the opponent’s legs) at 6:58. I say that is enough time to award her the 3 points for either “passing the guard” or “takedown into side control” by the end of the match.

    So I say it’s 3-0 Kim by the end of the match. No controversy.

  15. Kim says:

    thanks for clearing that up Erik

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