10th Planet: A Life Long Commitment

John “The Frenchman” from New Zealand.

John The Frenchman

John The Frenchman

18 responses to “10th Planet: A Life Long Commitment”

  1. christian gapinski says:

    besides the skulls at the bottom its a pretty sweet tatoo

  2. JayC says:

    Is he a black belt in 10th Planet?

    Mines better 😀

  3. Dave says:

    That’s not Ganesh.

    Ganesh is graceful.

  4. yo fo real says:

    what’s dudes rank?

  5. Erik Wahlberg says:

    A friend of mine and her hubby got Washington Redskins Logos on their ankles. Two years later the logo changed. Frenchie better hope that doesn’t happen. 🙂

  6. John says:

    Hey I like my skulls ! lol
    I’m a blue belt but the black belt on my back represents the goal I want to achieve ! 😉
    And yes that’s Ganesh … lol
    Yeah I know about the logo fingers crossed Eddie won’t change it hahaha

  7. John says:

    BTW theres still more work to be done !

  8. Dave says:

    No, Ganesh is graceful.

  9. Ganesh says:

    Ganesh is gay.

  10. Ian says:

    Genesh speaks about himself in the third person, so that’s confirms he’s gay.

  11. Ganesh says:

    Gannesh agrees.

  12. K dog says:

    Nice tat. Haters make me lol.

  13. AMR says:

    That’ll suck when he decides he’d rather do gi.

  14. Come on now! says:

    really though – that looks rediculous. Tribal tats too douche bag award 2009. First you have Gannesh and then the ALL seeing eye with Skulls on the bottom. If it was Kali I would understand. When your 50 you will regret it. I don’t know your personality. I heard your name is John the Frenchman. I myself am French Canadian. Well all that really matters is if you like it.

  15. Regiyah says:

    Hes enlightened = All seeing eye + Gannesh which represents how man is supposed to thrive to be…except his represents his want to become a 10th Planet JJ master + all of the people he demolishes on the mat beneath him….

    Thats how I interpret it..

    I think it looks sick!

  16. Howard says:

    real clean!

  17. eddie bravo says:

    That the gayest tat ever, your an idiot