10th Planet Spokane, Revolution 7 11 09 Highlights

5 Responses to “10th Planet Spokane, Revolution 7 11 09 Highlights”

  1. Mr Myagi says:

    Great reel!!
    10th Planet are really going out and competing all around the place eh!?

  2. matt says:

    good real for your club but one thing i would encourage you add is something to ID YOUR FIGHTER, since we….most peopploe on the inet dont train with you we wont know who is yours and whos the opposition in some fights gabes was the only one i couldnt tell really, but just like gabes in blue shorts ect ect

    overall AWESOME FINISH at the comp

  3. Daniel says:

    that’s is funny you mention that, we just got some sweet competition rash guards that will do that.

  4. Chris Herzog says:

    great job reppin 10PJJ!