10th Planet’s Neale Hoerle, From Morgantown, WV

7 responses to “10th Planet’s Neale Hoerle, From Morgantown, WV”

  1. Turd says:


  2. Jon N says:

    Great we get to see it again? Anyone else notice him training in a necklace? lol

  3. aren says:

    @ Jon

    I like to floss when I’m rolling too!

    My Swarovski mouth guard is pretty fly!

  4. yoyo says:

    does anyone know where i can see a video of how to go from half guard to the truck like he did at one minute

  5. Hey Neale! Long time no see! Glad you took up the Jiu-jitsu game again. Looking good buddy.

  6. dwight roux says:

    I think he was attempting the samurai/trickster but ended up in half and went with it. It only works if the guy on the bottom does not use the lockdown or explode and roll to his knees. You might find the samuria on youtube, but it is in eddies book mastering the twister.