25 Responses to “Twisticana”

  1. Scott Elkin says:

    just have sex already

  2. Dave says:

    I mean, that might actually work, right?

  3. RubberJonny says:

    it works awesome! I rocked that **** on 3 people last night! I messed up the first one, but I forgot to adjust my hips that time

  4. REal Talk says:

    RubberJonny – you must of done it to people half your size. This is a BS technique. You can’t do it on someone the same size as you. Plus if your twisting your own body the other way makes you more likely to get this flipped on you. This guy is doing the move to his gf too. Nice try but fail. Instead of coming up with moves you should perfect the moves your sloppy in.

  5. rubberjonny says:

    No way dude. You’re probably ****ing it up. the hip movement is the key. obviously you missed that from what you’re describing. go try it before you knock it.

  6. rubberjonny says:

    I’m 140lbs… there is no one half my size. I do a lot of twisters though.

  7. Lazy Jits says:

    It worked for me, nuff said.

  8. REal Talk says:

    I did try it and it didn’t work. It’s garbage. GO try it all you want and watch people escape it and flip it on you. EVEN if you lost the lockdown you would be in side control attacking the wrong arm. Nice try though. I hate all these fools trying to come up with moves. Just try to master the moves that are already legit. OH and BTW I don’t F up on moves.

  9. rubberjonny says:

    the couple times I had it and the guy escaped his hips I just wrapped his far arm and pinned him with Kesa-gatame. only and idiot would hold the amricana and not react if the dude escapes his leg. are you a white belt?

    Obviously you did “f” it up if you have people flipping over one you, lol? tighten your japanese grapevine and get it closer to his hip (like any twister). and if you’re letting his hips escape get under them more dummy and again tighten the japanese grapevine. your only supposd to hip out a little. I haven’t foudn this to be any riskier than the twister. for me breaking the grip is the hardest part now, but that’s always been a problem for me even with normal twisters and armbars. the moves legit, and mikey triangles is no fool I learned this from him too:

  10. REal Talk says:

    rubberjonny – I like you am a white belt. WTF is a Japanese Grapvine – is that the lockdown from the truck. Anyways I didn’t say to keep the grip on there but what I was referring to is the fact that if one were to escape you will be at a disadvantagous (is that a word) position.

    Once again I don’t F up moves.

    I’m not questioning your boyfriend Mikey’s moves all together either it’s just that one move. And thanks for posting a Gi Technique on the site. Can you post some collar chokes too. What really started my fun rant was the fact that you claim it works and you did it on 3 people. How often do you get people in that position. To get to that move 3 times in one night you need to look for a new school bud.

    Maybe you just roll with white belts, you white belt. hahahaha

  11. Mikey Triangles says:

    Well that’s me in the video, and my girlfriend is a competitive blue belt with several Advanced No-Gi gold medals under her belt, so it’s not like I just grabbed some chick to make a video… and it’s not like we’re fighting live, so I’m not sure why that would matter anyway.

    I’m not just a “fool trying to come up with new moves”. This just happened when I couldn’t hit a twister one day, and it does work for me regularly and in competition (I’m a Purple Belt). the other technique someone posted could be gi or no-gi, and a japanese grapevine is what wrestler’s call “the lockdown” from the back like that.

  12. Mikey Triangles says:

    Anyway REal Talk, I think you’re probably doing it different than myself and that’s why it’s not working for you; if people are flipping over you there is something drastically wrong with what you’re doing, and if you can’t hold the leg-ride and keep hip control that’s not the fault of the technique. but perhaps this move isn’t for you and maybe it’s your body type, level of flexibility, or one of a thousand other factors. Truth is if I had known this would have ended up in Eddie’s BLOG and on a bunch of sites I would have took the time to do a much better job on the video. sorry the angles suck for you to see the details in this one, i just put it up at the request of a bunch of Sherdoggers. -later

  13. REal Talk says:

    Mikey – word man I like your answer it was RubberJonny or whatever his name is claiming to hit it on 3 people in class. I mean Mikey you use this move but have you really hit this 3 times in one class. Probably not. I understand that moves work for some and not for everyone. I appreciate what you do – you are just sharing what you think might or not work. People saying YEAH THIS WORKS 100% is bs. No move works 100%. And true you triangle move can be done without a gi but the percentage is lower in nogi. Unless you got a sick single collar tie. I like it – it’s flashy. Kinda reminds me of something like a powder keg. You should feel honored to be on the watch. Whether or not we are rippin’ your moves or not. RGPD 1st Deputy Captian.

  14. REal Talk says:

    or any are you related to Ryangle?

  15. REal Talk says:


  16. rubberjonny says:

    I did hit it on three people that one class. it’s a little harder now, but last week they didn’t know what I was doing so it was easy.

    I am not a white belt. blue belt (3 years training), and white belts “f” up moves, that’s why your a white belt.

    thanks for the vid Mikey, looking forward to more!

  17. REal Talk says:

    wait wait wait – ‘they didn’t know what [you] were doing so it was easy’

    Wow so what was easy getting someone in the truck? So you can just get people in the truck NO PROBLEM huh. I smell BS. Sorry but I do. Once again I don’t F up moves. And you seem like your soooo concerned with Belts. Are you saying because your a blue belt you don’t f up moves?

    I don’t care if your a brown belt, black belt, or navy belt. Don’t come here spreadin’ your BS like you can hit this move 3 times in one class. And you know what maybe I’m not even a white belt. Maybe I don’t even train. I could be a black belt for all you know. But I guarntee you one thing. I know a bunch of white belts that could probably roll you up real good.

    Don’t forget your on 10th Planet Watch. Alder teaches at Burbank. From what I hear they only really have Whites and Blues there. I haven’t been there personally but I bet if you rolled up there you could get your ass handed to you by a white belt or two.

  18. Mikey Triangles says:

    I think all the arguing is a little silly… I mean who cares? we’re all here to learn and broaden our horizons.
    I honestly don’t see why i’s hard to believe someone could hit a technique 3 times in a class. Not sure about you guys, but my classes are generally 2+ hours. I don’t keep track of how many times i hit what on who, but when I first started using this technique I definitely hit it more than three times in a class. i honestly don’t think there is anything difficult about getting to the “truck” if you practice it correctly. I see no reason why someone with 3 years training and a taste for twisters would have a hard time getting the position.

  19. Mikey Triangles says:

    as for Ryan I’ve met and chatted him a few times at tournaments. he actually gave me a lesson on 50/50 on the sideline of a Grappler’s quest a few years ago, hah. Excellent competitor, and even better instructor. Actually when I put up that flying triangle video I got a message from him saying that he came up with the same technique and that it was his favorite flying version too.

    Also I actually came up with that triangle on the fly in a no-gi tournament. after that I trained it like crazy and fell in love with the transition. I like the way it feels better in the gi because of the extra grip, but in reality the gi makes duck unders extremely hard to hit, so it’s really more of a no-gi technique. the collar tie doesn’t matter after you hit the duck under as long as you drag him forward and throw the leg up as you release.

  20. rubberjonny says:

    *rolls eyes*

    Mikey’s right this is stupid. I was not lying or exagerating but believe what you want real talk, arguing over this is stupid. Getting to the truck is actually myspeciality and I do it most often from the back kinda like mikey did in the video and from the mount with the samurai. I don’t care about belt, but when white belts start criticizing techniques done by better grapplers just because they can’t do it right themselfs that’s my pet peeve like you don’t like people that make new moves.

  21. REal Talk says:

    *rolls eyes*


    The whole POINT of these blogs is to argue. And once again how the f do you know I’m a white belt. For all you know I could probably roll you up or probably have. I might be a guy you roll with on a DAILY basis. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. If you catch feelings on this then I feel bad for you and I laugh at you.

    These threads are great and pure entertainment.

    Oh and I still don’t believe you guys.

  22. Real Talk says:

    I love teh cak.

  23. REal Talk says:


  24. Connor says:


  25. Howard says:

    I like Americana and I like Twisters!