RGPD: Ryan Hall Using Rubber Guard?


12 Responses to “RGPD: Ryan Hall Using Rubber Guard?”

  1. Alex says:

    for f***’s sake, that’s not “rubber” anything, it’s just an omoplata.

  2. Alex says:

    (Merry Christmas, though.)

  3. dwight roux says:

    looks a bit loose……..

  4. MT Shawn says:

    ^^^^^ agree with them both. It’s not rubber guard. It is too loose and shitty look’n to rep the niburu. lol

  5. Marco Grey says:

    That looks like an oma plata to me. And lol at anything Hall does being “too shitty” for 10th Planet. The guy he beat for 3rd (Rodrigo Ranieri) beat Epstein 21-0.

  6. mommy says:

    ^^ Epstein had a knee surgery and attempted to compete with out use of his leg. lol at you getting the facts, now go troll on some other forum

  7. Marco Grey says:

    Think he’s the only guy to ever step onto the mat at less than 100%? And LOL at “without the use of his leg.” An amputee doesn’t have use of his leg. Epstein is not an amputee. What about him losing to Sonny Nohara by 20 pts last time he did GQ? Typical excuse making.

    Regardless of that, Hall is infinitely more accomplished than anyone from 10th Planet, including Eddie. It’s pretty disrespectful to imply what he’s doing is “shitty,” particularly if you don’t have anyone nearly on his level and know nothing about fighting guys as good as Ranieri and Reis (not to mention the elite guys he fought at ADCC–Glover, Leozinho). Who’s trolling now?

  8. mommy says:

    Denny put raneieri to sleep a few months ago in the worlds .so much for your argument. And Epstein did have a surgery 3 months before ,thought he was ok and his knee blew up like a balloon 1 week before gq. i guess he had his tickets and room booked so he went. I say its a legit excuse.what div were you invited to marco? as for hall i dont think people were insulting him by saying that he looks to loose .it means its not doing the move the same way its done at 10th planet which happens to be very tight with pressure .I think ryans a bad ass as well as most of the people i know at 10th planet. so why are you on this forum ?

  9. 10thp4life says:

    yeah it’s just an omoplata plus on Ryan’s triangle dvd he kinda bashes the rubber guard calling it wacky and that its too lose and doesnt work he didnt say the rubber guard particular but the technique he was bashing is part of the rubber guard ….. but anyways Ryan Hall is a beast and the 10th planet system will live on forever

  10. Howard says:

    the guard and hip hop – what do they have in common?

    they are dead.