Ryan Hall’s 50/50 Guard Part 2

This Brand New DVD features Ryan Hall and the highly anticipated 50/50 Position. This new guard position is so effective and dangerous that many competitions are now considering banning it all together! This DVD explains how to get the 50/50 guard from any position, how to finish your opponent within the 50/50 every time, Important flow drills to make the position so smooth your opponents will never see it coming and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

This Scene is taken from DVD 2- Chapter 3 – Transition #3: Kneebar To 50/50. For information on this DVD and the other techniques taught on this DVD check out http://www.groundfighter.com/Ryan-Hal…

For more information on Ryan Hall BJJ: http://5050bjj.com

2 Responses to “Ryan Hall’s 50/50 Guard Part 2”

  1. Howard says:

    First – man more ankle locks.