10th Planet Jiu Jitsu-Advanced Basics-Top Control pt2

Part 2!!!

10th Planet Watch Exclusive! Check Ur Oil a.k.a. Brent Littel gives a seminar on top game control.

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4 responses to “10th Planet Jiu Jitsu-Advanced Basics-Top Control pt2”

  1. MT Shawn says:

    Thank you check ur oil. Brent is a good teacher. Does he roll at HQ all the time?

  2. Regiyah says:

    YESH! Thats dope!

  3. Regiyah says:

    Question: With this work if the bottom guy uses the ankle to ankle to tweak the locked down leg (like you and Brent teach) before you get to your knees?

  4. Howard says:

    Macarana RNC should be called Hollywood RNC or the Dexter. They do RNC like that in movies for dramatic effect.