10th Planet Jiu Jitsu-Advanced Basics-Top Control pt3

Part 3!!!

10th Planet Watch Exclusive! Check Ur Oil a.k.a. Brent Littel gives a seminar on top game control.

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7 Responses to “10th Planet Jiu Jitsu-Advanced Basics-Top Control pt3”

  1. Regiyah says:

    FIRST! haha Howard!

    Dude these videos are priceless…Thanks guys!

  2. Howard says:

    REGIYAH – because you ruined my FIRST I will do this move to you. I will just Judo Side Control you until you can’t take it anymore!!!!

  3. Regiyah says:

    I was actually drilling the exact counter for the scarf when I tore my miniscus…while I shrimped to tuck my right arm in POP! This time around I think I would do nothing.

  4. Mr Myagi says:

    Hi Guys following on from Brent’s seminar, take a look at this clip. It’s JKD’s Yori Nakamura showing a lock flow from a similar position. There is a lot of information in this clip and it’s very painful being the Uki but def worth a look. Guro Inosanto makes all his instructors learn this.

  5. Regiyah says:

    Oh wow hes young in that clip! He taught the JKD and Shooto classes when I used to go to the Inosanto Academy…Hes hardcore.

  6. Mr Myagi says:

    Yes he is indeed. ;-)