Compella & the Twister – “Dropped” (Pole Show LA Afterparty, 1/23/10, Los Angeles, CA)

The Twister and Compella Live at Legends MMA f/ Forsaken Soul, Tim Dawg and DJ Alder

3 Responses to “Compella & the Twister – “Dropped” (Pole Show LA Afterparty, 1/23/10, Los Angeles, CA)”

  1. Howard says:

    First…I think this is the only band with such a caliber of JJ players. I heard some of the ‘liks were Gracie BJJ Black Belts. Something like that I don’t read about BJJ like other people do.

    But back to the point at hand. Where else are you going to see a concert at an MMA gym? I mean the lead MC is wearing 10th Planet Gear like it’s Fubu in ’95. Holla at Compella for mad reppin’ 10th Planet at the show. Eddie on a GUITAR singing – BJJ legend in concert! Alex you rocked it! Tim don’t you, know but I good job too! No where but 10th Planet Hollywood.

    Hey Alder – you did a great job looking like a douche bag. I almost didn’t recognize you. You didn’t have shades though. Regardless, Pedro and I are very proud. If you busted out the “ey Bro” Jersey Dance – GAME OVER.

    To all – great show!