Josh Barnett: Snapping The Rubber Guard

In this video former UFC champion and Pride veteran Josh Barnett shows ways of ‘Snapping The Rubberguard’. The Rubberguard is a technique popularised and developed by JJ Machado blackbelt Eddie Bravo who made a name for himself submitting Royler Gracie by triangle. Rubberguard is a high half-closed guard used to keep an opponents posture broken and limits damage from ground strikes if used in MMA.

Rubberguard has not been without controversy especially for potential damage to your own knee if you’re not flexible enough or if not done correctly.

Barnett shows ways of attacking the Rubberguard when it is performed correctly, as well as attacking an attempted gogoplata (shin on throat choke) from this position.

This segment “Snapping The Rubberguard” can be found on Josh Barnett’s “Attacking The Guard” seminar DVD available from

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15 Responses to “Josh Barnett: Snapping The Rubber Guard”

  1. Howard says:

    First…I heard at Josh Barnett’s school it’s pretty rough. They got some tough dudes there. I’m a big fan of Josh Barnett. I know he might have some beef with RG but to each his own.

    Do I think the guy doing the RG is doing it correctly. Not really. I don’t think that RG is really that tight and he was square on his back and not on his hip. Plus his muffs looked kinda wack. Look I’m not saying this shit won’t work. It’s going to be a battle of wills. There isn’t a 100% sure way to do RG and there isn’t a 100% way to get out of it. But what do I know I just read about Jiu Jitsu.

    Does it matter though? I mean the guard is dead like Hip Hop. <– I can say it as many times as I want!!!

  2. Edwin says:

    You give a guy enough space in your rubber guard, he can do anything he wants to you.

  3. Joseph says:

    Yes. If you do nothing to maintain the RG, the guy will get out. It also helps if you are a giant on steroids as well. But I guess all of that’s covered in the DVD.

  4. brandon mc says:

    Josh Barnett is a super genius. In case you guys didn’t know, his wrestling is SCIENTIFIC…

  5. dwight roux says:

    The only way to beat a good rubber guard player is to be one yourself. For example Kung-fu to carni, need I say more. Thats just one way past his defense, what about crack head, double bagger, invisible collar, meathook… I am sure there are many more, but those are just off the top of my head.

  6. JD says:

    Yeah, go ahead and reach down like that for me. I will trianlge the piss out of you, then take Mrs. Barnett out for a seafood dinner, and never call her again.

  7. einstein says:

    the toes to the face is valid if you are almost gogoed

  8. Jeff says:

    Or you can just use steroids to break it….

  9. Sam says:

    I’m not great but you’re not gonna smash my leg down like that to pass my guard. I would be holding you in double bagger or if you do catch me off guard (because we are all far from perfect) and smash my leg down I will go for a carni or if you use your hand or forearm and don’t get your leg through or knee down I’m going for a triangle or whipping my leg around for a tribar or east coast crock, bes believe! And you’re not going to break my rubber guard by pushing your free arm through unless you are on some serious crystal meth or pcp!

  10. Mr Myagi says:

    RG is not a 100% technique just like any technique is not 100%. There are always counters and there are always counters to counters. That is why BJJ/NoGi is so interesting and fun. If the guy is good at smashing your rubber guard you know what he is going to do – then use it as a setup. Don’t be stubborn and say “my rubber guard is GOING to work” – it won’t all the time guaranteed. But when it is defeated it might help you to predict where your opponent is going to be.

    I say: “Look at what Josh has done in the video and try and work out what you would do to counter his counter”

  11. erik3svsu says:

    Is this guy serious? Was this put here for humor because this is funny.

  12. Im impressed! Its good to see someone very well informed about what they do. Looking forward to future posts.Cheers!

  13. Jujitsujerk says:

    To all the Eddie Bravo nut huggers I say this. Have you ever heard of a top game? Or is it you guys like laying down on your backs and being done like a bitch? Not everyone wants to pull guard and ANYONE posting up a video on how to break this RIDICULOUS version of a guard is great. Eddies system is pathetic and EXTREMELY specialized. Its the taekwondo of grappling and it sucks. Sure, it looks pretty, but isn’t effective 90% of the time.