Conor Heun @ Grapplers X tournament Feb 14, 2010

I’d love to see Conor do more grappling tournaments. He’s an amazing competitor.

“Here is my first match back in competition since my knee surgery. It was at the Grapplers X tournament in Long Beach on Feb 14, 2010. I set up my takedowns off of the Russian 2-on-1 or the baseball grip 2-on-1. The first take down is a Japanese Double when he stands up too straight, anticipating the tie up. The second is a submarine throw of of the Russian with the “Hurricane Grip”. If you are interested in learning these techniques I am available for Private Lessons. Please e-mail me or comment for info.”

4 responses to “Conor Heun @ Grapplers X tournament Feb 14, 2010”

  1. RubberKnees says:

    What happened to his knee? Was it an injury associated with rubber guard? I am curious because I hear of a lot of ACL injuries associated with the system though I have checked online and can find nothing directly related.