Butterfly Guard to Rubber Guard Transition

7 Responses to “Butterfly Guard to Rubber Guard Transition”

  1. jarniej says:

    since he is already this low? i think he would posture up by the time closed guard arrives… I really don’t like that dude

  2. jarniej says:

    I guess if you went straight to rubber guard after sitting up it be alright though.

  3. Ian says:

    You know, call me a softy, but unless you’ve met someone and have good reason, I don’t think it’s cool to hate on someone without ever meeting them.. :(

  4. jarniej says:

    ^^^ your right. but if someone took my shit and sold it on there dvd right after learning it, I think that is grounds to be called a d bag.

    Usually I’m pretty laid back, but just saying.

  5. Ian says:

    Like I said, unless you have a good reason, which apparently you do! :)