S’arm-urai: Samurai to Armbar

Here’s a fun little move to show your friends when they say Jiu Jitsu is boring. Mike Frausto and Mike Venturella show how to take the armbar off the Samurai in transition.

Legend has it, we were drilling armbars when I thought to myself. “Armbar from the Ninja? this move might just work.”
I tried to pull off the armbar from the roll to the Twister, but I couldn’t get enough momentum. I asked Mikey “Lobes,” our resident arm snatcher and all around badass, if he could do it. He bypassed the ninja roll, and went straight to the Samurai instead. Genious!. He locked it down, rolled, and BAM! The S’arm-urai was born!

Have fun!

Coach Alder

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Posted by: Mike Frausto
(10th Planet Van Nuys)

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