What Makes a Good Jiu Jitsu Training Partner part 3

Ok so helpfully you’ve read my two previous articles on the subject of the importance of good training partners. I you haven’t read them yet, why don’t you click here to see the first one, and click here to see the second one.

  • Now you should be all caught up with what makes a good training partner. Going back, I realized I didn’t mention the obvious things that could make you want to, or not want to, work out with another person. Let’s make a list of things that would be important.
  • Wear zippers, pockets or buttons. This can be annoying sometimes when you get scratched, but this can be fat out dangerous as well. We’ve had a student that actually needed stitches because there was a small zipper on the pant leg of his sweats. If he has to get stitches that can lead to missing class. Be mindful of what you wear to class. For this and a multitude of other reasons, I will be making a bottom half uniform in the near future.
  • Wear unwashed uniform. This stinks, and it makes people not want to roll with you. If you get a reputation for being the class stinker, it will deter people from working with you. If they do work with you, they’ll have a terrible class because the’re going to have to smell you the whole time. Not only does this suck, but it also is dangerous. You can get all kinds of diseases from unclean uniforms. Nothing would be worse then getting staph from you training partner due to the fact he was too lazy to wash his clothing.
  • Have bad body odor or bad breath. This sort of goes along with having an unwashed uniform. Go out and get some wipes from Defense Soap, click the link on the bottom of this page. You can also get some body spray and apply that sparingly to you body, it will make your experience at the gym more enjoyable, and make people show you all their secrets instead of avoiding you altogether.

I got loads more of these, tune in next time for more tips on how not to be a douche bag.

Coach Alder Hampel




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