10th Planet San Francisco – Adam “Big Red” Sachnoff – ADCC

If you haven’t heard, maybe you’ve been under a rock for a while, so here it is. THIS DOOD IS LEGIT. Adam “Big Red” Sachnoff has been making some big waves as of late. I don’t usually like talking about “the haters” but not all the 10th Planet detractors can STFU, you now have that 10th Planet guy that one something “significant.” Like anything, things take time. It takes time for new schools to start producing winners, if it didn’t, you’d see a world champion at every school. The truth is, most schools don’t produce champions. Only the extremely special ones do, and out of those, even less produce multiple champions.

I have to give Props to Prokopos! Denny has been doing a great job up in SF. His team is talented, most people that come out of there are good. Expect to see more good stuff from his school. I think with teams like this leading the charge, we’ll see more and more of this from 10th Planet.

10th Planet SF’s Adam Sachnoff is going to adcc in 2013. Winning the finals of the 2012 ADCC NA trials with a gogoplata against 50/50 black belt Brandon Raedy. He wins most of his matches by submission!

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