10th Planet Police: Spider Web Position UFC MMA Jiu-jitsu

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So, I initially found MMA Surge when I saw a ton of people sharing their Lockdown video. I thought, no big deal, Eddie just used the Lockdown against Royler Gracie, it’s a hot topic. On further inspection, I saw some negative comments relating to the video, ok now it peaked my interest. Since I only respond to negative feedback, I clicked on the link.

I had to say, at first glance it looked like a pretty polished product. The video was well put together. They had a nice camera, and it was well lit. They had multiple camera angles. The audio is good, there’s no background noise, and they had production sound, it doesn’t sound like the shitty built in camera mics that most videos are shot on. The editing was good, they cut between the different cameras. They even had some special effect cuts. They had animations and some cool logos and stuff. Andrew “The Squid” Montinez is a good looking kid with charm and charisma. He’s well spoken and conducts himself professionally.

Now I’ll start with the critiques. Somewhere there’s a group of break dancers angry with Andrew “The Squid” Montinez. The production team obviously stole their cardboard and used as a gym mat alternative. The location was interesting. Instead of using a traditional played out gym environment they opted to use the crack house location from “Jungle Fever.” I was halfway expecting Gator and a strung out Halle Berry to walk in the frame at any moment.

The title of the video is “Spider Web Position UFC MMA Jiu-jitsu.” I think somebody heard that if you use keywords in the title, the Google spiderbots will find your videos and rank them higher so you can get rich from advertising. SEO can be done tastefully without looking like spam. I kept thinking the vid would cut over to a penis enlargement pill or a webcam girl ad at any moment.

As for the actually content of the video, well I’m speechless. If you know the 10th Planet system, you’ll be very familiar with the Spider Web. It’s a well defined position with a particular group of moves attached to it. This video is NOT the Spider Web position. It has similarities to it, but the entire reason the spider web is the position it is, is because of the control it uses on the lower body. “The Squid” failed to show the detail that separates the Spider Web from a regular arm bar. 2 seconds of research on the internet would have shown that. I won’t comment on the validity of his techniques, as I haven’t drilled them or tried them, but judging on his lack of research, I’ll just take a wild guess and say they’re not well thought out either.

It seems like a lot of effort production wise, just to show a bunch of techniques that are not what you claim they are?

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys Cirriculum – Back Attacks – The Lazy Sunday Armbar

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RONDA ROUSEY VS SARAH KAUFMAN: Eddie Bravo Armbar Breakdown

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As many people know, Rhonda Rousey has been training at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu with Eddie Bravo. Watch and learn the exact same armbar, Undefeated Strikeforce Champion, Rhonda Rousey used to submit Sara Kaufman in under a minute. Enjoy!

Submissions Inc: Guard -No GI Armbar Option #3 Plus Sweep and Armbar From Mount

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We’re not going over armbars, but I’m really digging this and will be drilling this setup.

S’arm-urai: Samurai to Armbar

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Here’s a fun little move to show your friends when they say Jiu Jitsu is boring. Mike Frausto and Mike Venturella show how to take the armbar off the Samurai in transition.

Legend has it, we were drilling armbars when I thought to myself. “Armbar from the Ninja? this move might just work.”
I tried to pull off the armbar from the roll to the Twister, but I couldn’t get enough momentum. I asked Mikey “Lobes,” our resident arm snatcher and all around badass, if he could do it. He bypassed the ninja roll, and went straight to the Samurai instead. Genious!. He locked it down, rolled, and BAM! The S’arm-urai was born!

Have fun!

Coach Alder

For more info on training with us at 10th Planet Van Nuys visit www.10thPlanetVanNuys.com,

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Reilly Bodycomb Highlights 2010-2011: Sambo and No-Gi Grappling Competitions

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Critical BJJ Technique – High Percentage Armbar Submission

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Trapping the Arm From the Back. Gracie Style!

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This video goes right into what we’ve been learning at 10th Planet Jiu JItsu Van Nuys lately. My strategy as of late is so basic, it gets me sick. It’s to get on to the chest to the back, get the hooks, maintain and recover my positioning if necessary, trap an arm, get under the chin, and finish the RNC! You’d think it was just that easy, but it seems like most people want to immediately get the choke. Position + Patients is usually the key for me.

I always love watching the new generation Gracie boys. They’re passion and enthusiastic about the sport. It is a refreshing change from some of the dry, super serious instructors out there. It’s Jiu Jitsu, have some fun!

Here, Ryron and Rener are teaching an awesome way to chain two (3 if you count the lapel choke) common attacks. IMHO, repping moves like this over and over lead to a high rate of success. I’m all about efficiency.

10th Planet Van Nuys Highlights!

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The video in which you are about to view is how Van Nuys rolls up to competitions. If you’re looking to compete, and looking to win, we have what you need. All the footage on here was filmed and edited by Aldo Parenti.

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10th Planet Van Nuys: Armbar Drill #2 (Push/Kick/90)

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Here’s another basic armbar drill we use to prepare out guys for competitions. Push, kick, push, kick.

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10th Planet Van Nuys: Basics Armbar Drill

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10th Planet is known for its lockdown, twister, rubber guard and spiderweb. But that’s not all we do, basically anything that works is incorporated into the system. As long as it’s nogi jiu jitsu, it’s 10th Planet. Here’s a basic armbar drill we use to prepare out guys for competitions.

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Jack Brocksmith: Tazer Dragon Armbar

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Jack Brocksmith shows us how to neutralize an attacker using the right tools.

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10th Planet Van Nuys: Mike “Lobes” Frausto 2010 Highlights

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Robert Drysdale versus Clay Davidson AFC 4

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Nathan Wall: Swim Move

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Nathan Wall Vs Charley Jolly. Rise Fighting Championships-Bragging rights 2. 10th Planet Blue Belt Nathan Wall, his first fight representing North West Training Center, Springfield OR.