Eddie Mendez Training at 10th Planet Van Nuys for June 8th UFC Brazil Card

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Eddie Mendez will be making his UFC debut down in Brazil June 8th. He will be training his Jiu Jitsu with us at 10th Planet Van Nuys. Mendez is known for his boxing, wrestling and putting exciting fights. He will be taking on Black Belt, Daniel Sarafian from The Ultimate Fighter Brazil. Sarafian is coming off a fight of the night loss vs C.B. Dolloway. This one should be candidate for fight of the night!


10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys Works on EA’s New UFC Video Game

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10th Planet Van Nuys was fortunate enough to be hired by Warner Brothers to help out with EA’s new UFC video game. They were responsible for recording all kinds of sounds that will be used in the game. Coach Alder Hampel was a consultant on the project and helped direct his students, Georgie Garcia, Mile “Lobes” Frausto, Mike “Tipz” Venturella, Ryan Bradford, Yumi Matsumoto, David Alvarez, Sven Manseau, Gabe Calvento and pro mma fighter, Keenan Lewis. The guys did an amazing job and the EA rep Ted Conely was stoked with their work. Make sure everybody goes and and buys this game when it comes out! You can imagine us when you hear the in game sound fx!


10th Planet Purple Belt, Kelvin Gastelum, Beats Uriah Hall to Become The Ultimate Fighter 17 winner.

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Congratulations to 10th Planet Yuma’s purple belt, Kelvin Gastelum on winning “The Ultimate Fighter” season 17! In an amazing fight, he edged out the favorite, Uriah Hall, by a split decision. At 21 years of age, many thought Kelvin had no chance against what many people called the scariest contestant TUF has ever had. Before tonight the people were relatively unfamiliar with Kelvin, I’m happy he was able to shock the world with his heart, and his wrestling. Awesome victory!

Click here for Kelvin Gastelum receiving his purple belt!


Mike “Lobes” Frausto (10th Planet Van Nuys) Fights Saturday April 6th!

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Mike “Lobes” Frausto fights for the California Fight Syndicate this Saturday, April 6th. He will be fighting Santa Barbara’s badboy, Bren O’Neil for the CFS 155lb title. Lobes is coming off 2 very impressive first round finishes, one armbar and one tko. This fight is sure to be fireworks!  Ticket prices start at $35, so get yours today!

10th Planet Van Nuys is Moving Locations!!!

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10th Planet Van Nuys is getting its own, new location! We’ll be moving into the new place march 1st. We will be adding new programs, more classes and focusing more on MMA. I’m looking forward to new opportunities and to creating the best team I can.


10th Planet Van Nuys


U of MMA’s Gym of the Month! 10th Planet Van Nuys & Saekson Muay Thai

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“To all but the newest of MMA fan, Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu needs no introduction. Watch any televised MMA event and you’ll see the brand name sprawled across fighter gear, shorts, and banners. 10th Planet satellite schools are spread out worldwide, from Portland, Oregon to Rochester, New York, Stockholm, Sweden, and even Australia. Producing contenders and champions is business as usual for those involved in Eddie Bravo’s system of no-gi jiu jitsu…”

Courtesy of Jorge Abarca and U of MMA, for full article, click here


Joey Karate on the Eddie Bravo Radio show tonight 12-30-12

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Eddie Bravo Radio present Joey “karate” DIas tonight Tune in! http://www.blogtv.com/people/eddiebravoradio

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu – UFC 155 Velasquez vs Dos Santos – FREE at Orochon Ramen Burbank!

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We’re at it again! 10th Planet Van Nuys and the gang are doing it big! UFC 155 is the event, Orochon Ramen is the spot! Prelims should start about 6, Main card at 7pm. Get there early to ensure seating. Bring all your friends and make sure they’re hungry!

We’re going to have a special unannounced surprise on the card. Hugo vs. David Hah in the light weight Spicy Orochon Special # 2 challenge-fight of the century. Who will reign supreme? Who will go home with stomach issues? This is a can’t miss match up that you won’t dare want to miss!

UFC Heavyweight Champion

Junior dos Santos
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Cain Velasquez
Yuma, Arizona
Lightweight (155lbs)

Joe Lauzon
Jim Miller
Sparta, New Jersey
Middleweight (185lbs)

Tim Boetsch
Sunbury, Pennsylvania
Costantinos Philippou
Merrick, New York
Middleweight (185lbs)

Alan Belcher
Biloxi, Mississippi
Yushin Okami
Kanagawa, Japan
Middleweight (185lbs)

Chris Leben
Portland, Oregon
Derek Brunson
Wilmington, North Carolina
Bantamweight (135lbs)

Brad Pickett
London, England
Eddie Wineland
Portage, Indiana
Bantamweight (135lbs)

Byron Bloodworth
Wilmington, North Carolina
Erik Perez
Monterrey, Mexico
Lightweight (155lbs)

Melvin Guillard
New Orleans, Lousiana
Jamie Varner
Phoenix, Arizona
Lightweight (155lbs)

Michael Johnson
Springfield, Missouri
Myles Jury
Hazel Park, Michigan
Heavyweight (265lbs)

Phil De Fries
Sunderland, England
Todd Duffee
Evansville, Indiana
Flyweight (125lbs)

Chris Cariaso
San Francisco, California
John Moraga
Phoenix, Arizona
Featherweight (145lbs)

Max Holloway
Waianae, Hawaii
Leonard Garcia
Plainview, Texas

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys’ Franky Orellana Gets Promoted to Blue Belt!

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It’s always a big deal anytime somebody gets a new belt in Jiu Jitsu. Even though we don’t wear belts at 10th Planet Van Nuys, we’re still just as happy to receive them. It means a lot to reach a new benchmark. It means many hours spent on the mat, bumps and bruises, triumphs, defeats, taps, getting tapped, blood sweat, and tears, new techniques learned, new friends made, and hopefully at the end of the day we had some fun in the process!

After years of dedication and training, Franky Orellana get’s his blue belt. Congrats Franky on your new belt! after every belt, we line up em up and let everybody take down the freshly belted. Thanks to awesomejiujitsu.com for the video!

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu – Eddie Bravo Radio – Episode 2!!!

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We’re up from 10pm pst – 12:30am, tune in at http://www.blogtv.com/people/eddiebravoradio

Eddie Bravo Podcast, first episode.

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Chirsto Garcia, Zach Waldman, Alder Hampel, Eddie Bravo and Robudhabi are all in the house for the first episode. We’re talking about conspiracies, MMA, BJJ, the end of the world, life and whatever else comes up.Tune in now, Click here

10th Planet San Francisco – Adam “Big Red” Sachnoff – ADCC

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If you haven’t heard, maybe you’ve been under a rock for a while, so here it is. THIS DOOD IS LEGIT. Adam “Big Red” Sachnoff has been making some big waves as of late. I don’t usually like talking about “the haters” but not all the 10th Planet detractors can STFU, you now have that 10th Planet guy that one something “significant.” Like anything, things take time. It takes time for new schools to start producing winners, if it didn’t, you’d see a world champion at every school. The truth is, most schools don’t produce champions. Only the extremely special ones do, and out of those, even less produce multiple champions.

I have to give Props to Prokopos! Denny has been doing a great job up in SF. His team is talented, most people that come out of there are good. Expect to see more good stuff from his school. I think with teams like this leading the charge, we’ll see more and more of this from 10th Planet.

10th Planet SF’s Adam Sachnoff is going to adcc in 2013. Winning the finals of the 2012 ADCC NA trials with a gogoplata against 50/50 black belt Brandon Raedy. He wins most of his matches by submission!

No Hand Pass a.k.a. Smash Pass a.k.a. 101 Pass

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This month at 10th Planet Van Nuys, we’re working on different strategies for passing the half guard position. One of my favorite passes from this position is the “No Hand,” “Smash,” “101 Pass.” I’ve heard this move called by several different names, but the theme is always the same. The idea behind it is this:

  1. Starting from half guard, using a head and arm control, pin your opponents shoulder’s to the matt
  2. Bring the knees to the side, pinning them to the matt.
  3. Pin the bottom leg with your free leg.
  4. Pull the trapped leg out using pressure and gravity
  5. Once free, Drop the knee to the mat and kick the legs, freeing the ankle from the 1/4 guard
    Move into side control

Because this move is so popular, the downside is that it can be countered easily as well. That doesn’t mean it’s not effective, it just means you better know what your oppoent’s response is going to be before he does it, so you can beat him to the position. Here are some tips and details to getting this pass.

  • Twist your opponent up! Have the knees facing 90 degrees from the torso. Don’t let his knees go towards the ceiling, you want to make sure you don’t allow him to move around.
  • Keep your head on the matt, and keep your shoulder pressure heavy. This will also keep them from being too comfortable to want to even think about a counter or escape.
  • Stay high on your opponent. Don’t let him get his hand on your hip and push you down the body. It will make it harder to get your weight down.
  • Keep your weight off to the side. Never let them control where your weight distribution goes. If your opponent can get underneath you, he can determine where he wants to take you. Keep your hips as low as possible.
  • After you pass, use shoulder pressure as to not allow your opponent to turn into you. You want to be solid like a rock. No swaying, no momentum. Also, don’t put all your weight on the mat our knee, put it on your oppoent as much as possible.
  • Always Smash, Smash, Smash!!!

Matt Brown vs. Mike Swick: A Nice Display of BJJ in MMA – UFC on Fox “Henderson vs. Diaz

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I’m sitting here at my office watching a beautiul display of Jiu Jitsu in MMA at UFC on FOX. Mike Swick is taking on the always durable, Matt Brown.

In the first round, Matt Brown gets a nice takedown and starts working from the top. He’s able to secure a beautiful D’arce choke. In an interesting move, Brown falls to full guard in an attempt to finish the submission. On one hand, pulling guard with this move can control the opponents hips, not allowing them to get distance away from the choke. On the down side, it can take the leverage, and the ability to put your weight down from the top, into the choke. Swick, understanding his advantage, and ends up keeping Brown flat on his back. Brown is unable to get any torque from that position. He’s not able to get his weight on top of Swick’s head. If he could do so, forcing the chin to the chest, that could cut off the air, and the blood to the brain. Swick is then able to pull out of the choke and end up on top.

Continuing from guard, Brown now starts fishing for wrist control, looking for a triangle. He is able to force Swick’s arm through his leg, achieving the arm in/arm out position. From here, Brown is able to lock in a full on triangle. This is not a new set up, this is old school BJJ at it’s best. The advantage is, in MMA, when an opponent choses to throw strikes, they take their arm off their body, giving the bottom player the ability to control it.After the choke is in, Swick does an awesome job of defending. Knowing that Brown has to pull the head down and squeeze the legs together in order to finish him, he quickly throws both legs over Brown’s body to give him leverage to break the hold. As Swick extends his hips, and Brown is forced to let go. In an attempt to counter, Swick transitions into one of trademark moves, guillotine aka the “swick-o-tine” off the scramble. He’ wasn’t able to lock the hands together and finish. The lock is broken, and the round ends

Matt Brown goes on to K.O.’s Swick standing in the following round with a devestating combination, but it was a really exciting grappling match while it was on the ground. We’ll played sirs!

Alder Hampel
Head Coach 10th Planet Van Nuys

Chinstrap Pass to Anaconda Choke: Combining Your BJJ Techniques into Sequences

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Over the last month, at 10th Planet Van Nuys, we’ve been working hard on our guard passing. If you have been keeping up with my blog, you’ll know how important I consider guard passing to be in our sport. See my post “Passing the Guard is 80% of Jiu Jitsu.” While working on our passing, many students will start to come up with combinations, details and even sometimes never before seen techniques on their own. This represents the “art” portion of the “martial arts.” I promote students to come up with a style that is unique to them. That way, they can express themselves as individuals. If we didn’t, we’d just see a bunch of robots, all doing the same moves night in and night out. I could see that getting boring really quick. There’s many kinds of shapes, sizes, attitudes, philosophies, techniques, likes, dislikes, and different attributes that can go into making up your style. The sheer number of possibilites in Jiu Jitsu can be mind boggling. This is what makes it exciting.

Below is a cool combination of 2 techniques that flow right into each other. Mr. Mike “Lobes” Frausto and his training partner, Huge, go over one of the guard passes we’ve been working in class. He added to that one of his favorite submission set ups that he learned from the Mendes Brothers, the flyover anaconda choke. Some moves work better together than others. When done right, they can flow seamlessly. Other moves take more tweaking to make them work as a sequence. It’s all a process of seeing what works.

This technique below just so happened to be one of those moves that worked out well. We were excited to show it off after its discovery during a brain storming session, one sunny afternoon in the San Fernando Valley. I hope you enjoy it!

Coach Alder Hampel

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys


If you’re loving what you’re seeing and you’ve wanted to get into Jiu Jitsu, call us now for a free trial! You’ll be on your way to creating your own style in no time.

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