Alder’s Vancouver Seminar Canceled This Weekend

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Due to bureaucratic red tape, the mounties are going to deny my access into their country. It seems to be a paperwork issue, that, if I had known would have been a problem, I would have easily handled prior to wasting my time flying up here and sitting in customs for hours and hours. It would seem they’re very strict here on letting people into the country. I watched them deny access to a whole slew of people. My sincere apologies to everybody that was going to come out and support. I’ll be back soon.

I did however get a chance to hang out with Dan and Nabil from 10th Planet Vancouver for a few hours. I was granted a “day pass.” We grabbed some delicious food and then went and checked out the 10th Planet Vancouver Gym. It’s a great facility.

From what I saw, Vancouver is a lovely city. I can’t wait to come back. The women are beautiful up here. From the customs officers, to the waitresses at the restaurant, even the girl that served us Egg Mcmuffins at McDonalds this morning was cute. It must be something in the water or clean air.

Vancouver, BC Is Invaded By Alder. July 25th

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This week is the 3rd stop on my non stop summer of rock tour. I should see if Steve from Melee/10th Planet Gear can hook a seminar tour T-shirt up. Or maybe I think I’m waaaaay cooler than I am. Either way, I still have a seminar. =)

Vancouver Seminar

Joe Rogan and Coach Alder @ Tuff N Uff

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Twist O Plata: Alder’s 10th Planet Rochester Seminar

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10th Planet Portland Seminar, This weekend!

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Matt Thorton’s Straight Blast, in Portland, OR will be hosting my seminar this weekend. If you haven’t made plans to go already, do so now!

Portland Seminar

10th Planet Seminar, Rochester New York, June 13th

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Alder Is Looking To Do A Seminar In Hawaii.

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Alder, that’s me, is going to be going to go out to Waikiki this September 17th-21st-ish. I’d like to find a place to do a Seminar while I’m there. I’d most likely want to do it Saturday the 19th. I’d also, as per usual, be available for privates and semi privates. If any of my island brothers are in the know, hit me up!

Here’s my resume:
Most Awesome Dood – 2009
10th Planet Burbank Instructor
10th Planet Headquarters Substitute Teacher
MPSE Best Sound Editing in Computer Entertainment – Hellgate (google it)
Most Wittiest Meathead -2006, 2008
I Graduated High School
ADDC West Coast Trials Mens Advanced 1-0 Champion
Eddie Bravo’s Sound Engineer
Drum and Bass DJ

…but I don’t want to brag too much

Eddie Bravo Teaching At 10th Planet Burbank For The Month Of June!

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10th Planet Burbank – Competition Training Part 2

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Coach Alder Hampel Seminar, Rochester New York, June 13th 2009

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Coach Alder: D’arce Choke

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Hollar at your boy over at

Alder Hampel – ADCC 2009 West Coast Trials – Mens Advanced Gold Medalist

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10th Planet ADCC West Coast Trials 2009

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Big shouts out to everybody that competed or came out to support this past weekend at the ADCC 2009 west coast trials. There were tons of us out representing that day. Riverside, Burbank, Hollywood HQ, all our friends and families came out to root us on as we competed. I was proud to be a part of such an amazing group of people. There was a real sense of comradery between us. Everybody it put it on the line and gave everything they had during the competition. After months of training, injuries, dieting, weight cutting etc it all came down to this day. In the end, win or lose, it’s my belief that we did a fantastic job coming together as a team. My hat is off to everyone, big props all around!

For me, this was an especially important event. This was my first ever, real competition. Thank you to my coaches, Eddie Bravo, Brent Littell, Shigeki Matsuda, Edwin Co, Scott Epstein, Jason Juatco (sorry if I forgot anybody). Thank You to all my training partners in Hollywood and Burbank that helped me get ready for the event. Win or lose, it was all about stepping outside of my comfort zone to challenge myself and test my skills. I learned so much this time around and look forward to competing again in the very near future.

10th Planet, all day!!!

10th Planet Burbank – EddieTeaches Class – April2009

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The Truck, To The Back, To Spiderweb

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After a brief hiatus, Coach Alder’s 10th Planet Watch videos, have returned. Sorry guys, I haven’t been able to film and edit more lately. Between instructing almost every day at 10th Planet Burbank, teaching privates, and training for Abu Dhabi, it hasn’t been so easy to make it down to film class at Head Quarters. Enjoy!