BJJ Weekly: “Know It All, New BJJ Student.”

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10th Planet All Stars DVD!!!

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10th Planet Jiu-jitsu is a living system of jiu-jitsu developed by Eddie Bravo that continues to evolve as new methods are introduced and old techniques continue to be refined. The result is a body of moves that have been proven to work on the mats, in the streets, and even in the Octagon. So while Eddie Bravo’s Twister and Rubber Guard sequences remain core aspects of the 10th Planet system of Jiu-jitsu, the system has many faces, with cutting edge techniques being developed, tested, and assimilated virtually every day. This DVD showcases three of Eddie Bravo’s most adept students and offers detailed step-by-step instruction on some of the most creative, effective, and dangerous grappling moves on this or any other planet!
Instruction provided by:
Scottie Epstein, 10th Planet black belt : There’s a reason that Chuck Lidell asked Scottie “Einstein” Epstein to serve as his team’s jiu-jitsu coach on Season 11 of The Ultimate Fighter. That’s because Scottie, a 10th Planet student since day one, arguably knows the 10th Planet system better than anyone other than Eddie Bravo himself . Scottie has proved the effectiveness of the system at every level of competition with a 4-0 MMA (including the TAPOUT show) record and numerous grappling medals with the majority of wins by submission.
Sean Bollinger, 10th Planet black belt, head instructor at 10th Planet Riverside. Sean developed the “double bagger” aspect of the 10th Planet system, a highly effective variation of rubber guard that requires crazy flexibility but offers superior control and high percentage submissions. Bollinger gives step-by-step instructions on the double bagger and more.

Denny Propokos, 10th Planet black belt, head instructor of 10th Planet San Francisco. Denny was the first to receive a blackbelt in the 10th planet system under Eddie Bravo and holds numerous grappling titles, including a gold medal at the FILA 2010 Grappling World Championships and the 2008 Nogi Worlds. Denny turns to his strong wrestling background for the moves he demonstrates here.

1st rd Jeff Huff of Lone Wolf MMA vs Israel Ortiz (4-3) at NWFC 8 (Jan 23 2010)

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Check the sweet action at 2:45 of the video. Great fight!

“Jeff broke his hand in this round before he went into using the Rubber Guard. Notice the use of the Double Bagger and the Go Go Bagger into the Omo plata.”

Eddie Bravo Talking @ 10th Planet Riverside

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Eddie Talks about Sean Bollinger’s, the double bagger, and the 5-0 sweep

Sean “Double Bagger” Bollinger

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Submissions 101: Double Bagger Variation

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“This set up for the double bagger works off crack head control first. Sean Bollinger has another variation where he zombies first. It doesn’t matter. The DB keeps the person locked in tight!”

Eddie Bravo: 10th Planet Burbank For The Chil’rens

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If you want your kids to learn 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, but know better then to send them anywhere near Eddie Bravo, send them to 10th Planet Burbank. Sensei Kim has renamed the Double Bagger and the DPO so your kids don’t have to learn the horrible truth about life too soon.

Eddie Bravo: The Rubber Guard!!!

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Sean Bollinger: Double Bagger to Armbar

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Side Ctrl Escape to the D’arce/M’arce

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Here’s my boy Chris showing a slick way of getting to the D’arce choke from a shitty position like side control. Nice and slick, I’m going to drill this.

Alex4sakensoul vs Sean Bollinger *hot music*

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Sean & Alex Flex their skills at 10th Planet HQ @ Legends Hollywood. Compella and 4saken lace the music.

RGPD calling all cars, calling all cars: Tangled Up Control

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I found this on the youtubez randomly. Looks like some crazy stuff. I think Wolverine and his “Puppet Master” might have some competition. Do we have the next double bagger control, or is this stuff about as effective as a 480 Jump spinning heel kick? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

10th Planet’s Eddie Bravo and Scott Epstein: “The Jellyfish”

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This move is huge for me. There are guys who have a great base who you can’t use “The Pump” on. There are also guys who are crafty, and make it hard for you to, once you’ve gotten “The Zombie,” to move into “The Jiu Claw” Position. Here’s an awesome alternative if you’re having trouble progressing in your rubber guard game.

Start by breaking your opponent into “Mission Control”. Then get the hand to the mat into “New York”, by using “The Zombie”. Once you’ve done that, you can move to “Chill Dog”. Once the neck has been cleared, you’ll move to put the ankle on top of the other one for the “Invisible Collar”. The next move is an awesome way to get the arm on the inside of the body. It’s old school Wally Jay Circle Jiu Jitsu. You’ll reverse “The Zombie” by swimming the arm under his, and moving it into the middle of your body. Same result as “The Pump” would give you. Next you’ll use the “Swim Move” to roll your opponent into the “Spider Web” and start attacking with various submissions. This is the easy, basic stuff. 10th Planet 101 😉

The Coach Alder predicts this move will also work well in MMA. It’s a good way to get to a high percentage submission without taking damange. Drill it!!!

Thanks to Chris “Hot and Steamy” Herzhog, from our satellite school in Rochester, NY, for capturing the video.

Dark Planet Catch Wrestling > 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

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I’ve been getting a lot of interest recently about my pro wrestling back ground. Let me just give you a quick bio. I started to watch pro wrasslin’ as early as I can remember. Coming from hippy, pacifist parents, violence was frowned upon in my household. So, many times I would go my friend’s house or Grandma’s house to watch my favorite sports entertainers engage in the art of combat in the squared circle. After the show was over, it was off to practice the moves I’d learned from that installment of WWE’s Superstars of Wrestling. Underclass mates and little brothers of the neighborhood would feel the power as I applied such moves as The Camel Clutch, The Figure Four and The Abdominal Stretch. This was real world application at its finest. I was practicing the art of Jeet Kune Do as it applied to Wrestling. I would use the moves that worked, and throw out the ones that didn’t.

Fast forward 20 some odd years to now. I feel it is my duty to legitimize Sports Entertainment. My quest is to come up with a series highlighting the effectiveness of pro wrestling moves in Jiu Jitsu. I will bring back life into what has become a mundane world of sub grappling. No more boring Twisters, no more sleepy double bagger set ups. No, from now on it will be crowd pleasing “Sharp Shooters” and the power of “The Claw”

I’m going to start training 3 times a week at the Dark Planet Catch Wrestling facilities.

Sean “Double Bagger” Bollinger vs. Brazilian Black Belt

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